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Sunday, August 20, 2006

the Singapore 1 cent is no longer in circulation

the incident: the pizza delivery guy.

ordered a pizza from pizza hut, was asked to pay $35.02(after gst n such)
handed $50 to the guy,
delivery guy asked me for 2 cents.
i told him that there is no more 1 cent for Singapore.
guy looks at me with stunned look.
asked me again for 2 cents. ie"then my 2 cents how?"
"tried" explaining that Singapore no longer uses 1 cents, n told him to reflect back to his company.
guess he got fed-up n didnt wan to waste any more time on me n juz gave me back my change.
i still think that he must have thought i was some stingy bugger who didnt wan to pay 2 cents to him.
but i must stress that i'm absolutely correct in stating that there is no more Singapore 1 cent as it is no longer in circulation.


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