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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

flag day

i muz confess, this is my 1st time doing flagging in my whole nus life.

the first time i went for sow, they told my og that we didnt have to go flagging cause they didnt have enuf t-shirts, so we ended up going to watch a movie, i still remember the movie, it was the village, n it was a lousy movie.

the 2nd time, i missed out was because i was busy playing mj? i'm not very sure myself but i do know that i missed out on sow that yr cause i didnt know there was sow, somehow.

the 3rd time, i got to flag cause got freshies didnt come, so we got extra t-shirts. n since no other senior wanted to flag, so i had to take up the task of flagging.

experience learnt from flagging:
chinatown is a lousy place to flag. cause u mostly see old ppl n some not very sane somemore.
ppl wearing suits or dress nicely are actually very stingy.
the most stingy ppl are foreigners. cause not a single foreigner donated to me.
if u wan ppl to donate, u muz keep pestering them.
y do u bother to donate if u dig out a handful of coins but onli donate ten cents?

most memorable donation side-story:

was flagging beside Maxwell food centre, was standing at the junction asking ppl to donate but mostly end up with a lot of rejections. as it was a traffic junction, there were cars stopping at the junction. then once when there was a red light n there were several taxis stopping by the junction, there was one particular comfort taxi driver, who waved at me. i approached his taxi and he winded down his passenger window n ask me to put my donation can in before donating $1. i kept thanking him while he kept commenting on how stingy some ppl were as they didnt even bother to donate ten cents, haha. wat a kind taxi-uncle!

the stingy ppl: dig out wallet to show me donation sticker, not to donate more $.
take longer route to avoid flaggers, like see ghost like that.


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