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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what do u actually wan to be when u graduate?

of course, everyone hopes of lending a dream job, one with a gd prospect; or one which u really like doing; or one with a big pay n fringe benefits.(Company car+corporate Credit card+....)

or are u destined to a govt job due to scholarship commitments?

but more often than not, most ppl end up doing things that they didnt study for, all the formulas that the lecturer keeps trying to explain to u; all the tutorials that u complete wk in wk out;
all the essays that u spent countless nites losing sleep over; all the projects that u put your heart in doing.

they dun account for anything when u actually step out into the work-force.
okay, grades may play some part in deciding your future.
but getting straight As do not mean u're going be really successful.

the fastest route is actually one which strings are pulled.
how often do u see someone who gets pulled into a big MNC due to his/her all powerful parents?
the world is actually darker than u can imagine.
with many things operating in the background, that most ppl do not actually know abt.

most ppl actually end up with a desk job, slaving away from 8 to 5.
unable to break out of the cycle due to family commitments.
imagine staying on your job to carry on re-paying your housing loan.

so, wat will u actually end up as when u graduate?


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