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Sunday, July 02, 2006

world cup part 5

the 4 semi-finalists of the world cup have emerged.
n they are respectively
Germany, Italy, Portugal n France.

Reasons why Argentina went out:
they were holding on to a slender 1-0 lead after the 49th min goal by Ayala.
decided to play defensive tactics instead of taking the game to Germany.
Coach took out Riquelme(attacking midfield) n replaced him with a more defensive player.
Riquelme should have stayed on the pitch to put more pressure on Germany.
Arg Coach then took out Crespo n replaced with Julio Cruz. another mistake.
he could have opted for Messi which would scare the shit out of the German Defense.
Arg players were not mentally or physically prepared for the game to go to penelties.

Reasons why Ukraine lost:
lack of established strikers other than Shevchenko.
they were playing against Italy.
Buffon is the world's most expensive goal-keeper n he's showing why he is.
Luca toni is due a goal after his 30 goal season in serie A.

Resaons why England went out:
Eng coach going with a 4-5-1 formation, to defend all the way instead of attack.
Rooney cannot survive playing as lone striker.
Eng coach bring Theo Walcott to world cup but never play him at all.
Rooney's too tempermental.
England have a self-destruct button that will auto-activate when they reach world cup q-finals.
England simply suck at penelties.

Reasons why Brazil lost:
Defensive error, players caught ball watching.
no real effort to defend. at least 5 players still outside the penelty box even when free kick floated in.
the signs were there in the earlier matches when Australia threatened to score but didnt have the chance to.
Brazil are still not able to beat France in world cup.(somehow)


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