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Monday, June 26, 2006

world cup part 4

nah bei. damn u holland...
i only have vulgurities n more vulgurities for marco van basten n his team...

dirk kuyt was very poor in font of goal n should have been replaced by van nisterooy. but van basten still persisited with the lousy kuyt, who wasted a one on one chance with the keeper. n didnt look like scoring.

n the biggest reason why i'm still cursing n swearing now
is cause i lost $.

i betted on a 1-1 draw n holland to win 2-1
n was still optimistic when protugal took the lead.
n was reather pleased to see portugal reduced to ten men juz b4 half time.
i was thinking:" hou sey liao ah, steady already. think my bet quite ok alredy. with the numerical advantage that holland has, they'll be at least able to score one goal."
then i saw philip cocu hit the cross bar not long after the re-start.
nah bei, another near miss...
then for some cock reason, holland got a guy sent off to make it ten vs ten.
more cursing n swearing followed.
as the match progressed, i was still awaiting van nisterooy to be subbed on in place of the lousy kuyt.
but i think the pre-match rumours of a rift between the van basten nvan nisterooy are true.
which lead the coach to bench van nisterooy.
n his refusal to sub him on despite the numerous chances that kuyt has squandered.
the match got more hot blooded, n yellow cards were flying are over n it was not long that more red cards ensured. n both sides emerged out of the game with nine men on the pitch.

n England(Portuagal's opponent in q-final) muz be laughing all the way now. cause Deco n Costinha are both suspended for the england game.
n i'm still a anti-england fan.


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