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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

world cup

the 1st round of the world is almost been played,
so far 31 mathes(one more @ 3am) already.

lost count of the no of mathes watched. dun recall missing a lot of matches.
1st time being able to fully enjoy the world cup. watch matches. bet soccer.

the last world cup was not that fun, cause was busy serving the nation. n being down for ndp makes it worst. been in the army while the world cup is a terrible experience. (trust me!) while most normal ppl can watch matches in the comfort of their home while ppl stuck in an army camp can only rely on sms updates.

team which i hate the most:

biggest reason is that they made me lose $$
betted on a win for them.
they got a goal in the 1st half n i was thinking. oh yeah!
then they conceded 2 goals n had to rely on a last min equaliser to level the score.
n their opponents?
Saudi Arabia

nah bei....
this was last wk.


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