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Sunday, June 25, 2006

world cup part 3

this world cup series will continue as long as the world cup is still on going.

Candidate for most impt goal(so far):
Maxi Rodriguez
he chested the ball juz inside the penelty box, and shot the ball on a half volley with a fine swerve into the top right hand corner of the Mexico goal post.
in extra time somemore.

it's really a nice goal to watch. u guys should juz watch the replay.

Germany vs Argentina in the q-finals would be a much better prospect than a Germany- Mexico one. so u can imagine the disbelief in my eyes when i saw Mexico take the lead against Argentina. but Argentina fought back n got one back juz a few mins later. the match remained at 1-1 until the extra time wonder goal.

side note:
my fren betted on 3 goals for this match. he saw the 2 quick goals n was worried that the match would turn out into a goal fest. but luckily the match remained at 2 goals for quite a long time. so he was still optimistic abt a goal being scored late into the 2nd half so that he would win $. then it juz so happens that the match remained at 1-1. so he was cursing n swearing. n to add insult to injury, Argentina scored in the 8th min of extra time. n that led my fren to spurt out even more vulgurities.


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