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Thursday, July 13, 2006

another sem, another headache

this sorta things happen every single sem, when u try to squeeze all the mods u wanna take into a perfect timetable n this includes no clashing of exam dates n etc.

there are also other things ppl forget when they plan mods.
like wat this mod can unlock, or as a stepping stone to some other higher level mod.
or who is the lecturer for the mod.
it's very impt to check that u dun end up with some guy who cant pronounce the many funny terms in the mod. or some lecturer who cant explain properly, or some guy who's more concerned abt putting u to sleep than imparting knowledge to u. or some guy hu's juz concerned abt his prized student who can answer juz abt everything he throws at the class.

n juz when u think everything's over....

the bidding comes along, n makes u re-do all the early planning that u have done...

thx a lot...


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