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Monday, July 03, 2006

other things besides World cup.

really must stop playing mahjong for some time. been losing quite a lot of $$ on it recently. the total sum lost is rather significant,(even more so than the $ lost from soccer betting) which i cannot disclose here.

u know u're not fated to win $ when the following situations happen to u:

i already had 4 tai on the table, so it was bao big tiles, meaning anyone who hits a big tile such as red dragon, green dragon, or any tile with tai would be bao by me.(meaning: if i zi mo, the person who kenna bao must pay for everyone).
i got 3 green dragons concealed inside my tiles, the player after me threw a green dragon, so i kang n bao him.
then not long after i was able to ting pai(waiting to hu 5 tai with 3 or 6 bamboo)
then the player after me threw a 6 bamboo.
juz when i was abt to collect $
someone cut my queue n hu with one tai.
nah bei.
to make matters worse, all he had was a flower with his tai n 5+7 bamboo waiting for 6 bamboo.
knnccb.(pardon the vulgurities, but u'll be cursing n swearing if u were in my shoes)
i thought i win big $ but then still muz pay $.

2nd incident.
somewhere in the game i managed to ting a qing a si.(flush one set)
all wan zi only.
and the only card that i was waiting for was a san wan, cause i got one er wan n si wan.
then the player after me throw a san wan.
i was abt to collect $ when again....
more nah bei....
disaster struck....
the player before me cut my queue n hu with one tai again.
super-stunned again....
dunno how to react anymore...

these are really signs of super bad luck in mahjong.


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