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Monday, July 17, 2006


if there was Mc-Abalone on the Macdonalds menu, i'll be the 1st one to order it.
i can already imagine it.
2 pcs of premium whole bread, with a big fat abalone in between, topped up with lettuce.

how did Mc-Abalone come along?

ever since the Mc-delivery thingy came out, we have been regular patrons of this service, cause late at nite when u play mj, hungry, then dun wanna travel out to find food, so juz pick up the phone n order lor.
Since most things on the Macdonalds menu are Mc-sumthing this one or mc-otherthing,
then since certain ppl having a fierce streak of luck(keep zi mo wu tai)
then they win a lot of money.
n it's only rite for the winner to treat the other guys.
esp when the winner is winning in excess of $100.
then u wanna order sumthing fierce to cover your losses, so u typically order the most expensive thing on the menu.


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