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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thai Express might ban me(or is it the other way around?)

hey, it's really not my fault...

n so the story goes sumthing like this...

went to Thai Express at Raffles city for dinner.
with pei ying n arthur after doing stuff in sch.
as there was too many ppl in the restaurant, we placed our order b4 we got a seat.
arthur ordered sum curry soft shell crab
py ordered pineapple rice
n i ordered some prawn paste fried rice.
together with some chicken soup that we shared.

arthur's food was served, followed by the chicken soup n py's order.
told them to eat up 1st while i was still waiting for my order.
in the mean-time, we finished one bowl of soup.
n i asked a waiteress for a 2nd helping of soup.
but as time went by, the 2nd helping of soup was here,
but my order was still not served,
so i asked the waiteress to check on my order,
it seems that they forgot my order as i could still see the cook reaching for some thing in a big flask that looks like wat i ordered.
n not long after...

my order was served,
as i was finally able to eat my dinner.
i noticed a rather big piece of egg-shell in my fried rice.
i called the super-visor over n told her abt it,
i simply asked her to inform the cook, n didnt request to exchange for another plate.
n also asked for another helping of the soup at the same time.
(again? but this time round i made it sound like it was their fault n it was only rite for them to get me another serving of soup, haha...)

i simply removed the eggshell n carried eating, but as i carried on eating, i found another smaller piece of egg-shell hidden in the rice.
ok, nvm, i simply removed the 2nd piece n carried on eating.

but then, i found a 3rd piece of egg-shell similar in size to the 1st one i found.
i got so fed-up, i stopped eating.
i told my frens abt it, n asked them to finish off the seafood in my fried rice(cause didnt wan to waste the seafood on the plate, as i mostly expect them to change a new plate for me) b4 i called the super-visor over.
this time, i showed the super-visor the egg-shell bits who had no choice but to serve me another plate of fried rice.

i got a new plate of fried rice, but b4 i started eating, i had to double check for any more egg-shells bits in my plate. the thing is there was no probs with any of the other orders my frens had, mine was the only one with problems. so am i lucky or un-lucky?


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