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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mahjong, (again?)

was playing mj last wk end, was hoping to an end to the lousy streak.

started off with a wu tai zi mo, but still ended up lost a little.

but nvm, the most impt thing is i prevented my fren from zi mo 8 tai.

story goes sumthing like this...
player b4 me eats 3 wan zi tiles n has no flowers, the other ppl on the table simply assume that he's playing ping hu, n have no regard for him by simply throwing wan zi tiles on the table.
player opposite me throws a seven bamboo tile.
the player b4 me was too fast and took a look at the tile he was gonna draw.
b4 i pong the seven bamboo tile.
n threw a eight bamboo.
the player b4 me had thought he had zi mo 8 tai with the 3 wan tile.
but i pong away his tile.
in the end the player opposite me hu with the eight bamboo tile that i threw.

but nvm, even if i threw another tile, the 3 wan tile will still be used by the player after me to zi mo.
haha, so basically there was no way the player b4 me could win with 8 tai, haha...


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