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Saturday, August 05, 2006

genting day 2 + day 3

i better finish up this series of genting posts. else i'll forgot abt them.

went to the casino for the 3rd time on day 2 afternoon, went on winning streak, won rm400 at 1 pt, then started to bet recklessly after seeing profit(meaning placing rm100 bets happily like nobody's biz)
went negative rm200 at one pt, but pulled it back to positive rm50 again after a couple of lucky rounds.

status check: net positive rm50

after i got back my rm50, i decided to stop, so i watched for a few rounds while other ppl went abt betting at the table. got sianz, n decided to leave, the moment i left the table, triple six appeared, wah heng ah, cause if got triple anything, the banker will eat your bet no matter if u bet big/small or odd/even, this is the house advantage for dice.

casino part 4
went to the casino @ ard 0030 of day 3

went back to the same table, saw a guy with a huge stack of rm500 chips, saw him place his few thousand dollar bet on big(cause felt he got the high-roller type of feel ah), decided to follow him with a rm50 bet.

but then this round open small.
nah beh....

nvm, went to another table, bet on small with another rm50 chip. then the same high-roller guy suddenly appear out of no-where, stretched out a hand n placed his few thousand dollar bet on small on the same table.

i was thinking:" ho sei liao, this time confrim lose already"

n sure enuf, the round opened big.
super big nah beh......

carried on playing a little here n there, went down(negative) n never climbed up again, got to like 80% going to reach level ground(no win no lose),

in the end, i stopped when i lost rm100 net.
status check:minus rm100


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