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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Genting day 2 morning

woke up at 3am to go casino to gamble.

cause our fren told us that the ppl at the casino are in the middle of their graveyard shift, n at this time, they're supposed to be tired and it'll make it easier (so called) for us to win $.

i cant remember the exact sequence of my betting, but then we were lucky to get places at the dice table, n started to record statistics on wat has opened so far.

changed rm100 of chips this time round.
decided to play higher stakes.
bet rm25 each time. n double up with each win.
meaning bet 25, if win put 50, if lose still bet 25
stop after 3 times.

went on a winning streak at first, was net positive at least rm100++.
then my luck went on a rollercoaster ride, win some, lose some,
decided to stop as was tired n didnt wan to push luck too much. as my frens didnt wan to leave, i left the casino alone.

status check: net +ve rm50

a rather interesting sidestory:
as i was walking out of the casino, the moment i step out of the casino n was abt to get on the escaltor. there were 2 ladies by the side of the escaltor, i didnt get a good look at their faces, but could notice their heavy make up, n assumed that they're in their late twenties at least or even early thirties.

when i was like five steps away from the escaltor, one of the ladies asked me this qn:
"xian shen, yao bu yao xiu xi?" (translation: mister, do u need some rest?)

was momentarily stunned(i was approached by a prostitute?!?), but managed to regain my composure by rejecting them n continuing on my journey back to my hotel room.

but thats not all....

there was one final esclator that i muz take in order to reach the lobby of first world hotel.
n on the side of the escaltor got several middle-aged men leaning by the railing of the escaltor.
then juz as i was going to reach the escaltor(again)

one of the uncles asked me this qn:
"lao ban, yao bu yao xiao jie?" (translation: boss, do you need girl?)

was momentarily stunned-part 2(i was approached by a pimp this time round?!? wat the??) rejected the guy n continued on my journey back to the hotel room.

reached my room in one piece(n alone) n went to sleep.


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