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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Genting day 1

reach genting, check in hotel. put stuff. eat at kenny rogers.

plus side: kenny roger's @ genting is cheaper than in spore
negative side: the food's not as nice as spore's, they dun serve ice water(wats wrong with simply giving ppl some water to drink?)

conclusion: eat at spore better, the savings in $ do not make up for the lack in quality of the food.

1st visit to casino.
watched frens play at the dice table, then took out a rm50 note n changed for rm10 chips.
1st bet: bet rm10 on big
open small
2nd bet:bet rm 10 on even
open odd
3rd bet: sian already, bet rm30 on big
open small.

ok, so decided not to push luck anymore n call it a day.(for now)

we ended up gambling between ourselves in the hotel room before we had our dinner.
haiz, so lan du(gamble too much).


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