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Monday, August 14, 2006

the start of another sem

time realli flies, one moment i'm happily enjoying myself in sow, the next moment it's the start of another sem already.

sow=science orientation week(for those non-sci ppl)

things that happened so far in sow:
there was the 1st day of ice-breakers n simple games.
followed by another day of buddy-og games.
n the last day of war games between houses.
then the break.
n the freshman inaugration ceremony on monday.
national day break.
flag day.
sp dinner.
rag day.

n not forgetting the many things that happened in between.

wat made the 1st day so significant?

i would say the fire-drill, this is the 1st fire-drill in my whole sci fac career. juz when everyone is happily playing ice-breakers then suddenly, ring....
most og's took the opportunity to take a few pix.

the second day:

juz when everyone's short on sleep.
there was the jap movie, Re-incarnation. which freaked out some ppl.(including pei ying who screamed so loud, everyone stared at her for a moment)
n fright nite disguised as cluedo.

day 3 was war games.
it was not very eventful until a certain incident.
there was a rather loud ogl from another house which some of my frens dun like. i was particularly quite neutral towards this person until 2 particular incidents.
n this is the 1st incident.
we were playing war games n it was inter-house games. but it seemed that it was between my house toon-town n offshore who were battling alone.
n when this particular person brought water-bombs to attack our area, i successfully snatched one water bomb from this person. n the moment i got the water bomb, this person started to kao bei kao bu(cry father cry mother) abt how i'm not supposed to snatch the water bomb n such. i was stunned n decided to return the water bomb n quickly find another person to foil their attack.

the 2nd incident was more recent, fri afternoon to be exact.
we were making our way to mpsh6 to do the final mass-dance session with our sp.
since we're at s13, the fastest way to src was to take the lift at s12.
n so i was helping my freshies hold the lift door, while they entered the lift.
the lift was quite full when that particular person appeared with his/her fren.
they saw that i was holding the lift-door open n the lift was filled with my freshies.
n they still happily entered the lift,
in the end, when it was my turn to enter the lift, the lift's over-weight bell rang,
n i had to take the stairs instead. i dun mind taking the stairs, but it's the way that some ppl try to squeeze into a lift without their ppl/og inside with no regard to the person holding the lift-door open.


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