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Friday, August 18, 2006

confusion over faculty requirements

as a science student, i must clear several mods from other groups besides my own core mods, ie pc mods- physics dept
lsm mods-life science dept
cz mods- computational science

the confusion arises from cz1102 which i took before in yr1 sem1
the mod is listed as a core mod in my major requirements list.
this is the all amzing qn that got everybody stunned:

is cz1102 counted as a fac req or as a core mod or as both? if so, the modular credits would be given to which area then?

i asked around, some ppl say can some ppl say cannot, but the best is my fren's fren(dunno who) even thought the modular credits would be double counted. n took 1 less mod during his yr 2.

this is the official reply from Science dean's office:
the module cz1102 is double counted both sides as fac req n core mod, but the mc can onli be used for either fac req or core mod but not both, so u still need 120 mc for graduation, n will need to take other mods to replace the lost mc.

this was my biggest worry:
cz1102 can onli be used as core mod, then was trying to get it1003 to be counted as fac req, but found out that cannot, then kan cheong, wan to drop n take other mod ie:pharmacy mod to confrim clear the fac req thingy but found out that module bidding closed, ho sei liao, super worried, thought i wasting one lvl 1000 mod on it1003, thought of appealing to get mod. then trying to fix a new timetable n such.

but in the end, a simple reply from dean's office was all i needed.

bloody hell, this stupid thing cost me one sleepness nite, okay?


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