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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The $500 chicken rice

had 2 frens who strike lottry in mid-week. 1st one was jasmon, he won $1000 cause he buy $1 big, 2nd one is jun kai, he won $3000 cause he bought $1 big $1 small. the no that they won was 8111 which open 2nd prize in the mid-week lottery draw. the amazing thing was that they didnt agree b4 hand to buy the same no and they still won with the same no.

how did jasmon win?

he went to collect his 11B or green ic cause he lost it in Thailand. then he decided to bet on his ic no.

how did jun kai win?

he was making soccer bets when he didnt know wat to buy for the wed 4D draw then he walked out of the shop, n saw a car with the car plate no 8111, then decided to buy this no.

n the $500 chicken rice?

haha, here goes...

i went to pgp today to clean the room n bring the stuff that i would need to stay for the coming wk. after my mom n i finished cleaning the room, we had to travel back home. on the way back, since we had a lousy lunch at the pgp canteen, we decided to go to the maxwell hawker centre to eat the famous "tian tian chicken rice". i didnt know how to go, so my mom had to direct me there. on the way there, we passed by tanjong pagar, n my mom wanted to buy 4D but i stopped her, saying that she could always buy from near our house house. on the way to the maxwell food centre carpark, we saw a singapore pools outlet located inside 7-11. so i told my mom that she could buy there. when i was busy tearing the parking coupon, she had alreadi left for the singapore pools outlet. so i quickly went over to join her, i saw her queuing when i reach there, so decided to place small bet, on 1183 $1 big. then quickly join her in queue. when it was her turn, she had $3 left, so the auntie at the counter asked her if she wanted to purchase a lottery ticket. but my mom asked abt the prize $ for the monday toto draw, since i was beside her, i asked her to share a $3.50 system7 toto bet with me.

the auntie at the counter saw this, n asked me if i was of legal age, ie 18 yrs old or not. my mom was also laughing n told the auntie that i was very old alreadi. i quickly laughed, n took out my ic to show them. they were surprised to see that i was born in 1983 n was going to be 23 this yr. n since they checked my ic, i had the "ling gan" to buy 4D for my ic no. n at the same time, my mom asked me to place a bet on my year. so in the end, i bet $2 big on 1983 n $2 big on 2815.
the auntie at the counter was surprised to see me again, so i told her that i was buying my ic no. n the auntie was saying that if stirke muz treat her, haha. i readily agreed. she even asked me to buy my date of birth, but i didnt wan to buy anymore.

was rather tired by the time i got home, n took a short nap, by the time i woke up, it was alreadi 8pm, so the 1st thing i did was to turn on the tv to check the 4d results for today. then i saw 1983 in the middle of the screen, ie strike starter prize. i quickly woke my mom up to tell her the gd news. haha. so thats y it is the $500 chicken rice.


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