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Friday, August 25, 2006

i will always remember that 5 pins

was bowling in the collegiate league masters yesterday. i think i did ok overall since it was a 8 game affair, i was basically having sore fingers while playing the 8th game.

the reason y i will remember those 5 pins is cause i fluffed/missed/any other adjective to describe miss the last frame on my final game, i had a spare on the 9th frame n basically juz had to get a high pin count n spare the last frame in order to get like 6th. then i threw my 1st shot.
i missed totally n got a stupid 5 pins. then nvm, i could have spared this n i could still be 6th, but i missed totally the 2nd time. sianz. so i onli got 5 pins on the last frame.

but luckily i still managed to come in at 10th. n later found out that the prize for the 6th to 10th is the same, ie a chocolate hamper. so basically it wont make much diff. maybe more on position n pride bah.

i think it was maybe cause i was too kan chiong. my fren decribed me as not having the big game mentality. ie i can onli play in the coca cola championship n will flop in the english premier league.

then i saw the new paper today, with a full page article on how temasek poly won the league. n how close a fight team nus put up. it was slighty exaggerated, cause we knew we could not catch them after we flopped one of the league sessions.

then i saw they had the masters results on the left column. but they onli put the top 5 positions. sianz. i was so close to seeing my name on the paper, haha.


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