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Friday, September 01, 2006

need winning toto numbers

can anyone out there give me the winning combination of toto numbers for this monday's toto draw?

sigh, my fren juz got his car today, it's not actually his car, it's a family car, but his parents dun have driving lisence, the onli other person with a class 3 driving lisence is his sister who juz happens to work near his house. so basically the car is under his control.

yes, i'm rather envious of him.

realised that striking 4D is not enuf to pay for a car, unless i bet like $50 on a number n muz strike top prize somemore. haha. had trouble squeezing onto bus no 95 this evening, waited until the 4th bus n muz walk up to one bus stop earlier then can juz manage to squeeze insde. sianz. it's situations like this, that u wish u got a car. can juz hop in, drive home.
(n laugh at those ppl still waiting for 95 at sci bus-stop, omg, i feel so evil)

ok, winning 4D numbers also can.


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