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Sunday, September 03, 2006

tell-tale signs of a not-so-successful movie autograph session

  1. it's located beside a newspaper stand. n sand-wiched between 2 shopping centres.
  2. the no of ppl waiting to get autographs can be counted with 1 hand.(or slightly more than one hand, u cant really tell if the ppl are juz standing there waiting for the session to start or waiting for something else) when the autograph session is starting in 15 mins.
  3. there are more ppl working than ppl waiting to get autographs.
  4. the ppl working for this auto-graph session get restless, n sit around the stage n chit-chat.
  5. the movie is a direct video cd/ dvd release. meaning there's no cinema release.
  6. there is a counter selling the vcd/dvd of the movie beside the stage but nobody even bothers to give it a 2nd look.
  7. I cant even remember the title of the movie.


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