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Friday, September 22, 2006

help sheet vs no help sheet vs open-book

optimum condition: open book

cause no need to waste time trying to remember facts/formulas/theorems
plus save time on writing help-sheet.

the ONLI maths mod that i ever had open-book is Ma1104.
super happy.

not-so-optimum condition, but just as crucial: help sheet

squeezing the entire sem of materials into 1 A4-sized paper is not easy.
i'm totally dependent on help-sheet. lets juz say that i'm too used to having one that i would feel lost without it.

but sometimes i also dunno y i write help-sheet, when i dun even refer to it during the test or exam, but gab pointed out a very gd pt, it's more for peace of mind. u'll be more mentally prepared going into the test/exam.

worst situation: no help sheet.

totally lost, n dunno wat to do.


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