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Saturday, September 16, 2006

i think i can do this....

compile a book on the type of ppl that u see on the Singapore public transport system.

i dun take the mrt everyday, but it seems that when-ever i take the mrt, something happens or i see something happening. (most of the time)

for today,

there was this inconsiderate uncle who insisted on leaning on the pole despite 2 ppl(including me) holding on to the pole with our hands. the uncle juz leaned and automatically assumed that we would give way to him, argh....

we HAD to give way, else we'll be like holding on to his sweaty/smelly/god knows wat else shirt.

was leaning against the glass panel near the door for the remainder of the journey, when the mrt stopped at tanjong pagar, there were like a lot ppl waiting to board the train, the train was quite packed n there was this guy who had to squeeze in despite the train being rather full. n he did it by getting his whole body squeezed like a sardine right in front of where i was standing. n competing with me for my standing space.
thanks a lot. after the uncle with his huge body that needs to lean on a pole, i get a guy who's so desperate to board a mrt train, so muz squeeze with me for my space.


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