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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

please be careful on the roads

didnt really witness the 2 accidents, but heard from frens who got involved in them today.

Accident 1

fren finding parking lot in science car-park beside Lt23, was sanwiched between a Nissan sunny infront and a Honda behind. The Nissan reversed and knocked into my fren's car. there was nothing my fren could do to avoid the accident.(in his words, he could onli sound his car horn and look on as the car infront banged into him) he managed to get a signed agreement from the person who reversed into his car to pay for his damages. there was not much visible damage but when he started his car engine there was this weird sound, so he dare not drive and had to call for a tow-truck.

(in the end, there was not much damage to his car, as the mechanic told him that it was some air con pipe thingy)

Accident 2

fren driving along Yishun ave 1 turning into Yishun ave 4. there were 2 lanes and both lanes had the turn left sign. my fren was on the other lane. he saw a bicicyle travelling on the same road, but going straight. just as my fren was making the turn, the bicycle banged into him. he quickly got down to access the damage to the person.
(luckily the person didnt sustain any injuries and the only damage to the bicycle was that the bicycle chain came off) the man started demanding compensation from my fren, and pretending to be very injured. saying things like his back was hurting n dunno wat. my fren was offered to send the guy to some hospital or call the ambulance to access his damage. but the man demanded to see the police. my fren also offered to send the guy to the police station, but the guy refused. and still demanded the police to come. my fren had no choice but to call for the police.
there was nothing much the police could do as there was no serious or visible injuries to the guy. in the end, the guy didnt get any compensation as he was in the wrong first and still tried to get compensation for his "injuries" the car my fren was driving also didnt get bumped or dented, which is a gd thing considering that it's his dad's car.


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