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Sunday, June 24, 2007


After 101, we also had time to visit eslite book-store, this is their biggest outlet in Taipei, think of it as a mega kinokuniya occupying several stories and almost all stocking chinese books.

pay $ to go outdoor

after u pay NTD 100, u climb a flight of stairs, up to the 90th n then to the 91th floor, where you will find the outdoor observatory, which is the same view but without the glass panels n such. where u can get to sit down n enjoy a 10 min presentation of how the taipei 101 was built. but in my own opinion, i think there's actually nothing much to see, just blank empty space with iron grills all around you, "after coming out of the aquarium, u visit the prison, something like that"
(btw, this is also where mayday held their concert)

Friday, June 08, 2007

89th floor

This is where we posted our postcards from the "sky", which i feel is a really novel idea. but the strange thing is that our postcards actually arrived a few days after we arrived back in Singapore, i sorta expected the postcard to be waiting for me at home the next day or so, i posted the postcard on thursday but i got it sorta like tuesday the following week, i got home on saturday nite though.

After paying NTD300 and taking the super fast elevator, we arrived at the 89th floor, it's an indoor observatory fully airconditioned, with glass panels all around you, you can actually rent a RFID walkie talkie that explains the sights around you as you explore this place.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taking the lift up the world's tallest building

This photo is supposed to uploaded later, but i could not resist putting it here, so that u can compare the difference between going up and going down, it actually takes a much longer time to travel down than to travel up. i dunno why, but it could be due to the mechanics of the whole system and such.

A display proclaiming the elevator as the world's fastest elevator travelling at the speed of 1010m/s. taken on the 89th floor.

This display is shown in the lift when u take the lift up the building. The lift is super fast, and it only takes 37 seconds to travel from the 5th floor to the 89th floor. The downside? you have to pay to take this lift, it costs NTD350 to take the lift up to the 89th floor, but with the special student discount, we paid NTD300 each. (after conversion, approx S$14 per head)