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Monday, November 17, 2008

Love and how strong you can become

Saw this picture online, and wanted to upload it, to show my dear, how i dun mind helping her carry her shopping bags, when ever she needs me to bah.

i think this picture really shows what i would do whenever i go shopping with u. =)

i know it's been another tough day at work for you, especially working afternoon shift, so hope u can jia bit you and ren until your off day bah.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

on behalf...

this post is written on behalf on my lazy pig who is too lazy to update.
besides eat, sleep, pak tor-ing and work have taken up more than 24 hours already.hehee.

here i come...
this post is again after dunno how long then got update, sounds familiar? if u notice the trend, it's usually blog for a while, then wait, got things to do then didnt blog, then wait got more time leh, blog bit le. so in other words this blog is not exactly closed down lah, just very very very dusty, maybe got bit cobwebs, then the dust is super thick also, haha.