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Sunday, February 17, 2008

People who make your day

There are always people who seem intent in ruining other's people day. I dunno why.

But fortunately there are always some other people who will bring a smile into your day.

I was at Golden mile food centre on Sat, dropping by after work to grab a bite. was driving alone n turned into the busy carpark, took a turn inside to find for an empty lot, and just as i was gonna turn out to find parking space into another car-park, i spotted a family who were just getting ready to leave, I stopped my vehicle to wait for them to vacate the lot so that i can park.

Then surprisingly just when the uncle was about to leave the carpark, he waved at me and showed me his parking coupon, i quickly lowered the window and accepted the coupon from him. Wat luck! the uncle was kind enough to give me his still usable parking coupon, i quickly thanked him and proceeded to park.

It is not the monetary value of a gift but the intent when people give them.

These type of people are the kind of people who will make your day.