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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Practical Perfectionist

You can be self-disciplined person who values order and stability, you like each day planned before you get out of bed. You might sometimes plan what you will wear the night before, right down to your colour-coordinated underwear. Chance is a factor you try to stay one step ahead off. You probably excel at chess and other games of strategic thinking. Before embarking on new experiences, you always do your homework first. When you travel, for example, you may well know more about your destination than the locals do - before you even reach it. In your view, the role of technology is to make life easier or help perform a task faster. You generally refrain from buying brand new models or new products and instead, wait patiently for teething problems to emerge and be solved before deciding to buy - or pass it by. Not surprisingly, being 'first' is of little or no importance to you. You dance to your own music - and couldn't care less whether or not it's in the Top 10.

i got this personality result after doing some online survey at starhub, it's a smart tv trial n got chance to try out their new smart tv service, check it out here.

i didnt know survey got personality test result also. some parts are quite true while i cant say the same for the chess part, i cant play chess, or generally suck at it, i do know the rough rules like which piece can move where but then i'm juz plain lousy at it, even chinese chess.
i do like the practical perfectionist part though. haha...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

aftermath of makeover...

ok, i've uploaded a sample pix of my makeover on my profile. aka look the rite of my blog.

after kenna caught by nus bowling paparazzi,
the resultant pix ended up on the bowling forum, with an entire topic dedicated to my makeover. kaoz...
got ppl EAGERLY anticipating my photo some more,

it's been a while, since i had time to properly sit down n blog,
i seem to end up more busy during the break than normal sch days.
aka sat play mj, sun meet frens, mon attend 2 project meeting + meet fren, tues training + mj +tuition.

back to teaching tuition again, tuition's a gd paying job as compared to DFS(slave labour)
used to teach this kid last year in primary 6, he didnt do well for some common test thingy, mother got scared, asked me to tutor. ended up teacking a couple of months til end of PSLE,
managed to pull his grade up to an A for PSLE. (i cant believe it either, i didnt know i was such a good tutor, haha...)

was orginally charging $80 for 4 lessons, 1.5 hrs each time, one subject only- Science

got a call from my student yesterday, asked me to come back to tutor him today. agreed n went to his place to tutor him earlier.

totally forgot wat sec 1 science is all about. i looked at the vernier calipier thingy in disgust, it was donkey years when i last saw something like that. even the bunsen burner looks ugly. everything looks disgusting in short. heck, i cant even remember how to use the periodic table nowadays.

talked to the mother of my student after the lesson, the moment i told her that i was gonna charge $100 for 4 lessons this time round, her face changed immediatly.

whoah... is there a need to be this practical?

she asked me to charge the same as last yr, but i "tried" to explain to her that there's a difference in the things i teach, n the gap from primary sch to secondary level is higher, hence the need for the fee hike.
she fall short of "firing" me, said she reconsider n see how, but re-assured me that she still pay me $100 after the next 3 lessons.

in my own humble opinion,
$100 for sec 1 Science is not that ex, considering that i travel to my student's home(technically it's a 7 min walk) n
considering how i responded to her child's cry for tution aka my student asked n i agreed on such short notice n
was supposed to onli teach for 1.5 hrs, but ended up close to 2hrs, cause there were stuff he wanted me to explain to him.(n i didnt say a word about this to his mom)

wat i REALLY wanted to say to her:
"hey look lady, your kid called me last night, asking me for tuition n i agreed readily, he told me that he had a test tomolo, thats why i came down to teach today,
i could have left earlier at 9.30pm sharp, but since your kid asked me to explain some concepts to him, so i took the liberty of staying for another extra 20mins at least to explain those concepts to him. n i didnt complain.
there's really a difference between sec 1 n primary sch, dun believe u can take his textbook n read yourself lor.
-taking out assessment book now-
and somemore , u better pay me for this book hor, i buy for your son one, it cost me $8 leh"

wat REALLY happened:
"eh auntie, can lah, 4 lessons $100, secondary sch higher level mah, i cant possibly be charging $80 if he goes all the way to sec 4 mah"
"wah like that u keep increasing how can"
"aiyah, can lah"
-assessment book remains in bag-
"eh, your other fren never increase price leh"
"sec sch is harder to teach mah"
"let me think abt it, i'll still pay u for the 1st four sessions"

Thursday, February 16, 2006

kenna caught by paparazzi

i signed up for some make-over package by some agency, it included, make-up, hair-styling n 4 photos, it costs $110 outside but i signed up for the early bird special n paid $25 onli.

n so i went down to their booth this morning, to do my make-over.
at first it was make up
then hair styling...

but as i was having my hair styled, i got caught by the paparazzi....
it was shawn n lorianne, shawn juz finished his test n was walking at central forum when he noticed me.
at first, i didnt know it was him when he was busy snapping pictures away(cause my short-sightedness quite bad) like some paparazzi.

then he came up to me after my hair was done n told me he had it all on his camera n was gonna post it on the bowling forum.


i dun have the final pix yet. must wait for them to contact me n i'll go to their studio to collect.

kaoz, wat a over-zealous bf...

there was some sci club event over on mon n tues, they set up a stall selling roses, flowers cheesecakes n such.

my fren, yuhan was helping out at the stall cause he's a sci club management com member, he was helping out at the stall, since it was the last day, n he was trying to help them clear stick, aka sell away the remaining cheesecakes. saw a female fren asked her to buy some, but got punched by jealous bf.

quote from his blog:

I have no idea what warranted it.
Vday incident: Saw a friend. talked to her. asked her to buy a cheesecake from my stall. time passed. a guy walked up. wrapped his arms around my shoulder. told me my friend wanted to talk to me. walked towards my friend. she turned and walked away. confused. the guy said she really wants to talk to me. caught up with my friend. she told me to ignore guy. turned around. guy shouted:"i'm her bf. you wanna snatch my gf right?!". *violence censored*. laid on the ground thinking: "did tt just happened?" a few people came and stopped the guy. a friend i knew saw what happened. walked with her to the kerb. sat down. calmed myself. walked away.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

v-dae already?

v-dae = hide in room n dun come out til feb 15.

yah, this is a pessimistic view but wat to do? dun have any particular gal in mind to jio.
oh well...

hey, it not as if i'm not looking for one, i'm still looking, haha...

luckily no relatives asked me that any qn on got gf or not during cny, else i also reply them til i sianz.

dun u ever get the feeling that there are gals around u, which are okay as frens but there is no way to bring it to a higher level. aka different tastes, likes n dis-likes n so on...
there are many different combinations eg:

you may be interested in some gal, but the gal totally dun like u

or u may be interested in the gal but her views on a lot of things differs from yours

or u might try to jio some gal, but due to a twist of fate, the gal falls for someone else

or u may like a gal, but somehow or another, the two of you are simply not fated to be together.

and many other more combinations...

Monday, February 13, 2006

the ball is round(very round indeed)

chelsea losing 3-0 to middleborough?

thats almost unimaginable if u told anyone that was the score for the wk end match between those 2 teams.

barcelona losing again?

arsenal drawing with bolton?


juv looks like the italian chelsea with the way they lead the italian league.

wat's next after the toto season?

hey, this brings to a close the frenzy of toto buying that happened last week, ie, buying at least $100 worth of toto tickets. the funny thing is that the most pooled amount didnt win anything, but a small bet with another 2 frens, der n obh which won something.

i can now memorise the winning nos:
11 15 23 24 30 42, add no:9

we won the group 4 prize with the winning combi of 9 11 15 23 30 40
and the prize was shared by 7172 ppl n we got $406
but divided by 3
so each person gets $135.

which is pretty decent considering that i spent around $50 myself in total on toto.

disclaimer: i ONLY buy toto once a yr, during the grand $10 million draw.

thoery: if each toto draw is independent, why not pool my resources on the draw with the biggest prize. technically, the prizes end up rather similiar as more ppl buy =more ppl win = prize money divided into more shares.

Friday, February 10, 2006

the last set of ordinary bets, total $60 ah, pardon me for poor quality of pix. happy checking...

more $6 ordinary bets

$6 ordinary bets

yo, kevin, jianhua, jun kai, jasmon, eugene, here are your tix, 12 sets of sys 7 here.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

and another 10 sets of $3 here, so total $50 ah, look carefully at these nos ah, wait dun say i win already take $ n run away ah, haha...

another 12 sets of nos=$6, $20 so far

plus another $4 here

toto betting slips for yao hui, kenneth, jun jie n me, kenneth contributed $20, so he'll get $4million, the rest all $2 million each, haha. 2 system 7 n 6 sets of ordinary = $10 here.

hokkien mee from clementi food centre, it's a rather popular stall, u have to wait at least 15mins on wkdays n up to 45 mins on wk ends, it's not the best i ever eaten, but still quite nice. kindly compare this to the pgp food pix n u'll understand.

n finally.

n more...

my little niece n me

my little niece, i'm an uncle, haha.

another pix!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to all...

ok, i maybe late in my cny greeting, but's it's the thought that counts. for all those familiar with me, u guys all know that i have to travel to malaysia for my cny as my dad's born in malaysia. so it's an annual thingy that we have to drive up to muar, some small town near melaka. it may not be as far as KL, but's it's still a killer at least 130km drive up north, not discounting the traffic jams here n there.

downside of having malaysian relatives:
all your red packet $ is automatically divided by 2.25 due to the exchange rate
(hey, i'm being honest here ah...)

upside of going to malaysia:
everything's half price, u can have a decent meal for a family of 4 with RM20. there's no way u can eat anything decent for 4 ppl in spore with that $.

downside of going malaysia:
high crime rate. snatch thefts n such.
witnessed a real live snatch theft(maybe not the process but the aftermath at least)

was driving car in jb, juz exited the highway, looking for petrol kiosk, sop for all cars leaving jb, came across shell, but was closed, turned into Mobil instead.
was looking for pump to park car when my dad told me to select one nearer to the counter.
my parents all went to the toilet while i locked the car n waited for the pump attendent to
help me pump petrol.
i was like unscrewing the petrol cap for the cap, n looking for the pump attendent to come.
then i saw another singaporean car(it's a new car cause i recognise the car plate as starting with SGC 6636) drive into the petrol station n parked at a pump furthest away from the counter.

not long afterwards, my parents came back, and i heard shouting from the direction of the new car and saw a lady running and shouting "my passport !" in the direction of the shell petrol station, which i juz drove past earlier.
it was only then i realised that the new spore car were the victims of a crime.
i didnt see the whole incident, but i presumed that the lady was just alighting from her car and before she knew it, her handbag got snatched by some guy on a motorbike(again presumed)

the lady n her husband were unable to chase after the guy, and walked back to the petrol station lost n dejected.
we quickly left that place, as we felt that the security of the place was bad. and went to another petrol station, one which hired security guards to look after it's customers. new rite. security guards at petrol stations.

sidenote: i almost wanted to park at the same pump which the new car parked, maybe not the same position, but the same pump nevertheless, but it was my dad who told me to park at one nearer to the counter. so u could say that we got lucky. it could have been us lah.
n after this incident, it makes me scared just going to jb, who knows wat might happen, the cheap stuff there is not worth all the trouble n danger that we might go thru.