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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to all...

ok, i maybe late in my cny greeting, but's it's the thought that counts. for all those familiar with me, u guys all know that i have to travel to malaysia for my cny as my dad's born in malaysia. so it's an annual thingy that we have to drive up to muar, some small town near melaka. it may not be as far as KL, but's it's still a killer at least 130km drive up north, not discounting the traffic jams here n there.

downside of having malaysian relatives:
all your red packet $ is automatically divided by 2.25 due to the exchange rate
(hey, i'm being honest here ah...)

upside of going to malaysia:
everything's half price, u can have a decent meal for a family of 4 with RM20. there's no way u can eat anything decent for 4 ppl in spore with that $.

downside of going malaysia:
high crime rate. snatch thefts n such.
witnessed a real live snatch theft(maybe not the process but the aftermath at least)

was driving car in jb, juz exited the highway, looking for petrol kiosk, sop for all cars leaving jb, came across shell, but was closed, turned into Mobil instead.
was looking for pump to park car when my dad told me to select one nearer to the counter.
my parents all went to the toilet while i locked the car n waited for the pump attendent to
help me pump petrol.
i was like unscrewing the petrol cap for the cap, n looking for the pump attendent to come.
then i saw another singaporean car(it's a new car cause i recognise the car plate as starting with SGC 6636) drive into the petrol station n parked at a pump furthest away from the counter.

not long afterwards, my parents came back, and i heard shouting from the direction of the new car and saw a lady running and shouting "my passport !" in the direction of the shell petrol station, which i juz drove past earlier.
it was only then i realised that the new spore car were the victims of a crime.
i didnt see the whole incident, but i presumed that the lady was just alighting from her car and before she knew it, her handbag got snatched by some guy on a motorbike(again presumed)

the lady n her husband were unable to chase after the guy, and walked back to the petrol station lost n dejected.
we quickly left that place, as we felt that the security of the place was bad. and went to another petrol station, one which hired security guards to look after it's customers. new rite. security guards at petrol stations.

sidenote: i almost wanted to park at the same pump which the new car parked, maybe not the same position, but the same pump nevertheless, but it was my dad who told me to park at one nearer to the counter. so u could say that we got lucky. it could have been us lah.
n after this incident, it makes me scared just going to jb, who knows wat might happen, the cheap stuff there is not worth all the trouble n danger that we might go thru.


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