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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

stupid pgp, but 1st wat is pgp?

pgp=prince george park=student residence on nus

student residence is not equal to hall, it's just a place to stay, there 's little or no interaction between the residents here. hall is some more happening place with lots more interaction between the people who stay there. eg:Sheares, Temasek n so on.

On the outside, the place looks like some condo, but thats about it.

Anyone who's familiar with the layout of pgp will know that we use the transponder(it's basically a wireless key/sensor) here as the key to your room and your level. to access the floor that u stay, u have to activate the sensor on the lift, then u can press the floor u wanna go to. so u cant go to other levels except the one u stay in.

And next u have to activate the transponder on the cluster gate(some metal gate at the start of the corridor of your level) n open it.

and finally u have to activate it on your own door to enter your room.

The thing is all residents of a particular cluster are supposed to lock the cluster(level) gate, else we'll get fined. but since the lock set on our level gate is spoil, we usually juz leave the gate unlocked. but then somebody(dunno hu) locked the gate from the inside, so i was locked out of my level last night. imagine u come back from your lessons late at nite, all u wan is a nice shower n the chance to sit down n enjoy the nice hokkien mee (from clementi)

u step out of the lift to find your neighbour(class mate from jc) locked out of the gate too.
he tells u that the gate is spoiled n we cant go on.
u go half crazy, almost close to screaming your head off at someone.
u knock on the gate but no one replies.
your fren calls for help, but the management says they got other complaints to settle 1st.
u patiently wait for help...

and finally u see another of your neighbours stepping out to use the toilet,
u're saved! finally...

u step into your room n find a warning letter from the management, saying that the residents on your level were caught with the cluster gate unlocked, no action will be taken this time, but subsequent warnings will include a fine of $100.

u curse n swear n
dump the letter in the dustbin...


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