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Thursday, January 05, 2006

an update(finally)

eh, i dunno i how long never update already, there must be at least have been a wk or more.

results for sem1 05/06:
best ever sem in uni, juz one minor blip,
darn that ma2213,
but nvm, glad it's over.

bidding for modules:
only got 3 modules so far
ma3110 analysis
ma3233 graph theory
pr2202 perfumes n cosmetics

lsm1302 genes n society

not open for bidding:
fna 1002 financial accounting

dunno if should overload this sem again:

GEK1521 / PC1326

need the 4 modular credits
else overload during my sem 5.

checked the requirments for my major already
applied maths major

Level 1xxx
Pass the 4 modules in List I and one of the following two modules:
· CS1101 Programming Methodology or
· CZ1102 Problem Solving and Computation
Level 2xxx & higher
Pass 11 modules from List II, III and IV, of which at least 6 modules are at level 3000 or higher, and not more than 4 MCs are from UROPS modules, and which should include any 3 modules from List A3 and include all of the following modules:
· MA2101 Linear Algebra II or MA2101S Linear Algebra II (version S)
· MA2108 Advanced Calculus II/Mathematical Analysis I or MA2108S Advanced Calculus II /Mathematical Analysis I (version S)
· MA3110 Analysis/Mathematical Analysis II
· MA3111 Complex Analysis

which means i need to clear ma1100, one more lvl 2 maths mod, n 6 lvl 3 maths mod.
thinking of clearing 2 lvl 3 maths mod every sem.
the trouble with certain mods is they're onli open in certain sems aka onli offered in sem 1, so muz wait til another sem then can take. then there's the trouble of fitting everything into your exam timetable n making sure nothin clashes, or got 2 exams in a day, n none of your lectures clash also.
sianz, this bidding thing is really bo liao at times, juz anyhow whack pts onli.

left 2 days, cant wait for it to end, plus get pay, but dunno after minus cpf left how much. sigh...

managed to just squeeze into cutoff but wondering if coach will kick me away from team 3 n put me in reserve. looks like i never "carry enuf balls" else i wont have this trouble


  • haha..dun complain...i also got pulled down by ma2213(i forgot i recommend u take one)

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 4:23 PM  

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