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Monday, December 26, 2005

huh..? xmas over already?

been so busy working, that almost lost track of time, aka, dunno which day it is, mon, tues, wed, thurs, .. does it matter?

sample routine:
get ass up by 7am
looks out of window
sees sun rising
starts to think y i'm up at such an un-sightly hour
another alarm clock rings
n rings away all hopes getting back into bed
eats breakfast
gets changed
takes bus to another bus-stop
climbs overhead bridge
waits patiently for bus 27
changes to visitor pass at airport pass office
goes to transit area n punch card
walks to loading bay
n starts day as sai kang warrior:coolie+banglah+dunno wat else

i really admire damon n his trip to europe, he's gonna watch a live epl match!
n it's a boxing day clash of Chealsea vs Fulham, he even got the tix shown on his blog.
i wanna go on holiday too....


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