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Friday, January 06, 2006

yikes, bidding for modules is such a lousy experience

i'm rather envious of those ppl who dun have to go thru the hassle of bidding for mods, aka engineers or those ppl who juz have to bid 1 pt for their core mods n nothing else.

y muz we bid for modules? i also dunno.
the lame excuse that nus gives is:

the bidding experience will allow students to be better well rounded students...
making important choices with limited options...
blah blah blah...

it's somewhere along this line lah.
last sem they cock up the system, everyone was logging in at the same time, the server crashed, making everyone worried that they cant bid for mods.
this sem, all the crazy final yr students are playing showhand, whack as many pts as the system can along them to whack. cause the pts are useless once u leave nus, so will showhand everything.

how to get Fna1002 Financial Accounting for 1 pt:
step 1:
declare entrepreneuership or some other biz subject as your minor
step 2:
bid for fna1002 with 1 pt, u'll get protection as u declare biz minor
step 3:
happily take fna1002, get the grade u wan
step 4:
drop the biz minor the next sem

ta da...
learnt this from my fren earlier today.
this tactic is really gd, haha...

i'm always thinking of wat cors really stand for. CORS= Completely bO-liao n Ridiculous System


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