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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

helping out in 2nd hand book sale

ok, i'm gonna be a little shameless abt this, so far, i think i'm the 3rd most hardworking welfare com member after my boss(zirong) n siong thye(i think)

being helping out for 2 days already. (can suddenly feel my karma level rise.... haha..)

i sold both my books already, should be getting back around $50.
realised that some people have no talent in setting prices for their 2nd hand books,

take "the cell" -some biology txt bk that those life science ppl need
the bookstore selling $96 for a brand new copy, n we have ppl pricing their books at around $80.
those that priced their books at $50+ /$60+ had their txt bk sold long ago already.

on a sidenote,
there was an incident of a student who stole textbooks from the school bookstore and brought the textbooks to our 2nd hand book sale and attempted to sell them.
She(yes... it's a female student) sold like more than 10 books to us n another club doing 2nd hand book sales. i dunno how she got caught(some ppl say she got caught as she stole the latest edition to some stats book and the ppl who collected the txt book from her got suspicious as the newest edition was juz out this sem) but the books were returned to the bookstore eventually and they went about working something out for her.(ie: paying for the books instead of calling the police)


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