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Thursday, June 30, 2005

more tales from the Spore public transport system...

it's buses this time round, nothing much interesting happened on the mrt recently leh, but last week there was this particular incident that stood out. i was taking the East-west line from Bedok to Buona Vista(laptop prob, software cock up again/virus attack.) it was in the morning, and juz nice the morning crowd was gone, so the mrt was quite empty, so i managed to find a seat.it's like a really lucky thing to find a seat so early in the journey, usually it's packed. then since it's a long journey, naturally u 'll most likely wan a seat to rest, instead of standing for abt 20 stations. if u are one of those who travel daily on the mrt for long distances, u will know wat i mean.

As a typical singaporean, spore ppl like to sit in corner seat. with one side facing the glass that kind, so as to eliminate the possibility of a shady character sitting beside u,(eg: ppl with body odour or juz funny smelling ppl, che-ko-pei aka dirty old men who try get fresh with female passengers they sit beside with, people with no personal hygiene er.. dig nose, touch underside of his soles n dunno wat other ppl are out there...)

i happened to get a seat that is 2nd nearest to the glass side, that means one seat away.(refer to diagram below)

key: X= my seat
= glass side
X= ideal seat, but occupied.

ideal seat is now occupied by an auntie, and mrt continues it's "long journey to the west"
mrt stops at Eunos, auntie alights, i get prepared to move to ideal seat, then kenna intercepted by large, big boned "shenton way" type guy who now occupies ideal seat. mrt goes on to Paya Laber, large plump Indian lady now comes in and occupies seat on my right(aka X)

situation now: stuck between 2 large-sized people squeezing a small sized me in a tiny mrt seat for a very long journey.(the mrt that i took was the new one, with bigger seats, even then i still felt like a sardine in a can)
possible ways to salvage situation: give up seat, and stand for the rest of the journey.
method rejected due to: laziness/unwillingness to stand for rest of journey and possibility of appearing rude to the other 2 passengers beside me.
situation in the end: small-sized me sandwiched for rest of the journey...

disclaimer: i have nothing against big-sized people, it just so happens that i was sandwiched between them and felt a little helpless.

and now on to buses...
location: bus-stop outside Bedok mrt entrance
time: evening, 30-06-2005

i was waiting for my bus when juz nice my bus came along so dun have to wait too long(i hate waiting long periods for buses esp if i'm in a hurry) it was bus no 67 a TIBS bus(the other bus company besides SBS), the seats inside TIBS buses are the colourful kind and the boundary between one seat to another seat is clearly indicated.
and it juz so happened that the bus was rather crowded and so i moved to the back of the bus to get a seat.(got seat muz seat mah, where got ppl so stupid got seat dun seat one) there was this particular attitude problem uncle who was sitting in the inner seat. he also had a plastic bag with him and his legs were a little spaced out over the middle boundary to the outer seat, he placed his plastic bag beside him but not on the outer seat. as the outer seat was empty, i juz sat on it lor.

the moment i sat on the seat, that uncle turned his head away from me, then his eyes shift back to glance me from the side then he make a "tsk" sound. it was as if i was wrong to take that seat like that. hey, that seat was empty and the bus does not belong to him. hey uncle, if u dun wan ppl to take that seat, u could have placed your plastic bag on it and i would have gladly sit somewhere else. if not, dun show people the "that seat belongs to me" action. Next time, take cab lar, then nobody will snatch "your seat".

luckily i'm in a good mood, otherwise i could have given him "the eye"(diao/stare at him) i changed seats 2 bus-stops later, it makes the rest of my journey home a lot happier.

sudden motivation to blog...

juz got back from taka, went with Zirong there.(thanks, Zirong!) we were discussing blogging and how we felt abt certain famous bloggers, aka xiaxue, spg n etc.(certain comments are best left on the mrt and cannot "see light" that kind)

we both agreed that when write blog, muz be mindful of wat u write, dun get yourself into trouble when u comment abt ppl or certain things.

No 1 golden rule: a blog's not a private thing. anyone can view it, it's still not safe even if u password-protect it.( aka A* scholar and his racist comments)

Monday, June 27, 2005

lady luck's my best pal(for the moment)

been having a spell of rather great luck over the weekend. started with the Tombola thingy(refer to earlier post), followed by a long awaited mahjong win.

lady luck was still shining on me when i went for this small bowling competition organised by the jalan besar cdc on sunday, it was held at the civil service club. managed to persuade my dad to lend me his car to drive there(yeah, finally can drive alone), saves me a lot of hassle from taking public transport, imagine lugging a 2 ball bowling bag(with 2 11lbs ball inside) up and down the bus, thats enuf to kill a lot of ppl.

it was the kinda of small competition where there's not much (gao shou) bowling experts around, so easier to win prizes that kind. it was a team event and we(team from nus) took part in it, along with another team from ntu( we are allies), at first we were very confident of getting a top 1-2 finish. but then we were back-stabbed by some uncle n auntie team n finished off by a handicap rule which gave a female bowler 15 pins for every game played. thats a massive 45 pins for the whole 3-game series thingy. we were leading after the 1st game but lost the lead by 8 pins after the 2nd game, it was all over when the whole thing finished. it's a very sad thing to be beaten by uncles and aunties at least twice your age. and so this "expected" top 1-2 finish was reduced to a 2nd-3rd place consolation.

the reason i said i had great luck was the way i played, there was this crazy game where i had 9 strikes in a game, thats crazy n madness lor.
sample of game score: X X X X 9- X X X 8- XX9
30 60 89 108 117 147 175 193 201 230
never managed to play so well in a long time already, playing well depends on a lot of factors leh, and luck is also part of it. that was really lucky, open 2 frames still can get 230. but the most crazy thing was that i had a 229 game before that, so my 2 game total was 459, thats like some 230 average thingy, am i really that gd? no lah, these are the kind of scores the national bowlers would easily post, i'm just a small fry in this big ocean. then suddenly the law of average kicked in on my last game(after 2 highs comes 1 low game score). in the end still managed to post a respectable 617 total pinfall for 3 games but it was all thx to my 1st 2 games.

went for another mahjong session after the competition,(thx lady luck) won a little $, then went to the airport to welcome my fren Damon back, long time never c him already, he went US for 1 yr on some DSTA scholarship, then since i didnt see him off when i left, i felt bad and so went to welcome him when he come back lor.(will post pix when i figure out the flickr thingy)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

nice combination of clouds and sunlight, rite? i'm always attracted by these nice nature scenery and such, but am always too lazy to for nature trails n such, had enuf of the forest back when i was serving the nation.

has my luck changed for the better?

been having a rather bad spell lately, when playing mahjong, lost everytime(almost), best was last fri at the bowling chalet, only played one round of 4 winds and lost $50, argh, fast and furious, i dun even earn that much in 2 hrs(approx time to fin 4 winds)

but then, yesterday was a different thing.

tried my hand at Tombola(Italian Bingo) at my dad's company clubhouse. it's a game where u purchase a set of tickets from the counter, each ticket consists of approx 15 random numbers from 1-90. then they will have this machine to produce random numbers one at a time, then they will announce the no, then u juz strike off the number that was called on your ticket. u win $ when u get four corners(all 4 corner numbers on your ticket) a line(all the numbers in a line are called) or full house(all 15 numbers on your ticket are called)
for more info, check out the hyperlink above.
i muz say that this is my 1st time playing this, i've had some impression of this game when i was young, but it was mostly my parents or relatives who were playing(i roughly remember one of my uncles winning several hundred dollars from this game on a cruise ship)
As we reached the clubhouse too late, we were only in time to play the last round, as it was the last round, might as well try luck mah. n in the last round, they had this special bonus jackpot of $50, so if normally u won a full house, u get $20, but last round add jackpot bonus so total winnings of $70.

and so the game started...
not long after, someone won the 4 corner thingy followed by another auntie with the line thingy, i was beginning to think that it would be a wasted investment. it was my mum who spotted that we were close to winning the full house(joint venture mah, family thingy n such) with one particular ticket in the centre(we bought a set of 6 tickets) we had 3 numbers left on the ticket, and slowly(by some really dunno from where luck) all of the numbers on our ticket were called and we won the jackpot, not bad ah, $6 investment in return for $70, buy 4D also that that easy to win $.(i still think it's beginners luck, think of all those poor ah peh n aunties who played every single round and only won $10 or $20, then in comes a young lad who plays the last round and walks away with the jackpot prize, argh, i'm evil... haha)
i should have at least taken a pic of the winning ticket, but at that time where got think so much one, win $ of course take $ and run away fast fast mah.(in case u are wondering wat happened to that $70, quarter of it was spent on dinner and the rest split among my family, i told u it was a family thingy already)

i followed up after this tombola thingy with a late nite mahjong session with the "4 original heavenly kings"(der.obh.fish.me) we are four heavenly kings because we started to gather to play mahjong when we had too much free time during the earlier part of last year as we were clearing leave/off n such. we even went for a group trip to Korea, and yes we brought along a mini mahjong set to play there also.(hopeless mahjong freaks)
and lately when i play with them, i realised that i was on a losing streak, had not won any $ in a few months. i had prepared $20 as expected losses, as it's just a game, we are playing more to talk cock and pass time rather than really gambling.

but tonight was different...

even though i paid $18 to fish for a 7 tai that i "bao", i still managed to comeback to win $38 in overall profit. nice ah? all thanks to the 9 tai that i "zi mo"

how to get 9 tai: 4 animals= 5 tai
1 west wind=1 tai
1 correct flower=1 tai
half/mixed colours=2 tai
total=9 tai

but luckily we set limit at 5 tai and anything after that we just add a dollar, if not it could add up to really a lot of $ even if we were only playing 20/40 cents.

1 tai = 20/40 cents
2 tai = 40/80 cents
3 tai = $0.80/$1.60
4 tai = $1.60/$3.20
5 tai = $3.20/$6.40
6 tai(if playing no limit) = $6.40/$12.80 6 tai(friendly play) = $4.20/$7.40
notice the difference?
we are friendly ppl, we dun play to kill one. if really count 13 tai for the 13 wonders, imagine how much it's gonna be lor.

picture taken when i returned from my overnight mahjong session, long time never see sunrise liao, didnt realise my house there got such a nice view.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

define working for free? this is wat it means, sucks rite? slog like a cow and u dun even get to take a single cent home, picture taken off novacraft(damon's blog)

drink coupon from the Newsroom Bar, it says Sultan Of Swing but it's just that whole group of bars lah. Old me=alcoholic me=confrim finish up this coupon=drink n drink til really drunk, new me=less drinks=out-grown that phase=no pt in getting yourself dead drunk or that drunk.(who wans to buy 4D, 9338=lucky number, haha..)

Ticket stud left over from hall bash, i said this before and i'll still say it again, i'll prefer a hall/arts or something bash where i know a lot of ppl, rather than some lousy club thursday. the crowd's better, music's better (at times) and it's also less smoky, i dun smoke so i would prefer a smoke-free bar but dun think it's possible in the short run.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i always get mistaken as...(part 2)

Ernie, my "twin" brother.

this sorta started way back during my jc days, when there so happened to be a guy named Ernie whose in my fren's class, then someone pointed out that we really look alike, i dunno who, but somehow it spread and i have a "twin" brother out of nowhere.
personally, i dun think that we really look alike, but somehow my frens say we really do.

the most recent case of mistaken identity:
location: science canteen
time: before the start of my linear algebra 2 exam

was happily sitting down with a couple of my frens, doing some last min revision before the exam, when i noticed a couple of gals on the next table with an old secondary sch fren, i know that these gals were from my jc, but i dun know them personally(got so many ppl in one jc, how can u know every single one of them, there are still ppl whom i meet in uni, they tell me that they were from my jc, but i dun remember even seeing them, then in the end, look up year book then check, oh that one ah)

then one of the gals asked me:"excuse me, are you Ernie?"
my reply:"nope, but i know who he is"
gal:"then so sorry"

it's like so long never hear ppl mention Ernie to me already, then suddenly got gal ask me this, (hmmm, i wonder if she's trying to pick me up? haha, no lah, but i seriously do think that she really mistake me for Ernie.) cause last time in jc got a few instances like that already, then after that go army, i dun recall any instances during army of Ernie. it's only that one time in the science canteen.

To Ernie: hey, "twin" brother where have you been? last i heard from the others after you left tjc in the 1st 3 mths, u went tpjc, then after that u went ntu, hope to hear from you if got chance.
time for "family" gathering already...

another day has passed, but then....

another day has passed, but then i still feel very bo liao, productivity= negative, sianz...
cant wait for sch to re-open, will be super busy, but at least better than rotting at home aimlessly.

went for an interview at NUH earlier in the day, (for the record, i really dislike travelling there, it's almost as if going to sch again, sianz, but this time cannot be late and cannot skip lessons that kind, if i do get the job, i hope i do, otherwise my mom will start nagging at me for doing nothing the whole day again.)
it's a well-paying job, $7 per hr, after deducting cpf still can take home $5.60, so still not bad.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

working days are the most eventful part2

Finally had time to sit down to key in a proper entry into my blog, plus finish up the half-typed in entry.

working days are really eventful, as i was saying. after finishing watching the Star Wars costume design contest, it was back to the mundane job that i was supposed to do. Sales are slow, sales dont matter to me, i'm not paid a commission. the very interesting thing abt working that day was the fact that i got caught by security. argh....
nope, i didnt steal anything, i was juz exploiting a security loophole.

i'm not the actual promotor for this series of kids clothes, my grouchy neighbour (derrick) is , i juz take over him for a couple of days when he tells me he needs to rest, and this particular sat i was not even planning to work, but only decided to stand in for him as nothing better to do. the promotors at taka are issued a small card that states so n so(name) is assigned to work in taka as a promotor from a certain date to a certain date(eg:10/06/05-14/06/05) and since i'm not a "official" promotor, the only security pass i have belongs to derrick, but his boss knows about it, n he's(the boss) too lazy to do anything cause it's a 1-2-day thingy.
i had a rather late dinner, fin dinner(icluding slacking time) at 8pm, so left around 1hr b4 i can knockoff. i spent the earlier half of this last hr chatting with other promotors, its something we always do one. then at around 8.30pm, i went back to my assigned area and stated to rearragne the clothes, ppl always got itchy hands one even if they dun buy anything also muz mess it up a little, for the clothes i mean.
thats when i saw a fren of mine in a nearby asle,i was about to look my fren up, i got stopped by this particular security guard, with nothing better to do, as i was new to the taka toy fair, the security guard asked me for my security pass and my IC, thats when i got caught, (no way to deny cause name on pass and name on IC dun match mah) he(the guard) then pulled me to a side and "demanded" i hand over my security pass and promotor tag to him, then he brought me to their security office to explain the situation to his superiors.
but luckily it was no big deal as all they wanted was derrick to go over and collect the promotor tag from them and they'll settle the rest with my boss, i called my boss but he didnt really care much as the next day was the last day liao. heng ah. for a moment i did thought that i was going to be in some trouble.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

another attitude-looking picture of me, i like being an og leader and stuff, cause can get to interect with the juniors and can get to know more gals also, mhaha...

the one in the black is me, this is a pic of my og group. the complete one with all og leaders and members present,

Friday, June 17, 2005

Secc camp fin liao...

Yeah.... Finally fin the secc camp as a concillor and survived it in one piece, no major injuries excluding cut on foot n slight sunburnt(kns spent, over $10 to buy sunblock also will kenna sunburnt, Y? cause i was too act clever, bring sunblock for beach games but forgot to do the same for war games lor, then in the end kenna slightly on face lor, sianz...)

more updates soon, going for bowling chalet soon, dunno if i can still make it there in one piece leh, cause didnt sleep last night.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

lousy comp

i've not been updating cause my laptop broke down, i dunno y also, when i use at home, no prob at all but then when i go nus n use the vpn, the whole system cock up and crash, n now my laptop cannot use,...
then muz use my fren comp, sianz...

Monday, June 13, 2005

working days are the most eventful days

normal days are days which i got nothing to do, wake up with no purpose at all, wake up at 12 or even later, then start to think wat to do for the rest of the day.

working days are different, even though is do nothing most of the time, but you're paid to do nothing, ah.. thats the difference.
i'm wanted to clock in this entry on sat, but ended up sleeping instead, so today then write lor.

sat=eventful day(more eventful than normal sat, dunno y leh)

woke up rather early(9am is considered early by my standards) unwillingly by my dad, as he wans me to help him drive his car to his work site, which is located somewhere along the ECP near the east coast park, it's a not that difficult to find place but you'll really miss it when u drive too fast, cause the entrance to the work site is just a road cut off from the road shoulder along the ECP, it's not even a proper exit from the expressway.
then as he needs to be inside the worksite for an hr plus, so he told me to go jalan jalan myself, i did manage to find a path to the bicycle track of the east coast park, as i thought that the coffeebean or mac was only a few minutes walk away, i decided to make my way there to take a break n a bite at the same time. but i was greatly mistaken, i kept walking n walking towards the direction where i thought the mac would be, but after walking for more than 20 mins or so, all i could find was one pathetic toilet and a carpark where some vendor was selling ice cream and drinks. i could not even catch a glimpse of big splash even. so LL lor, bought a drink from the vendor then started making my way back to the worksite to meet up with my dad.
i finally reached home at around 1 pm, tired, sweaty. then the bo liao-ness inside me kicked in, then started to slack, do nothing but hide inside my air-conditioned room. but heng ah, my fren der called me to stand in for him as he was not feeling well, as i had nothing to do, might as well go down and do "nothing" also but get paid instead.

job: promoter at taka toy fair
job description: promote batman kid clothes to parents.
"actual" job description: walk around and chat with other promoters, watch re-run after re-run of cartoons such as tom n jerry and looney tunes.

i thought it was gonna be another boring working day where i had to watch cartoons to pass time, but then luckily they had some Star Wars constume contest. and since they put up such a show, might as well watch mah, anything is also better than watching the same cartoons over n over again. I muz say that some of the costumes were really well-designed like the Darth Vadar guy, he even had flashing diodes attached to his front, he did go on to eventually win but there were some whom really made me laugh, there was a lady who wanted to dress as an Ewok, so she made a snowy white costume complete with a cape. she didnt make the effort to put on make up, or a mask so it was really very hard to imagine her as an Ewok. then as she was trying to pose for some pictures, she made a "trying to act cute but cannot act cute" pose. which left jason(fren met while working as promoter) n me the wan to laugh but cannot laugh expression. haiz...

933 had some concert at civic plaza which made the whole place all so bloody packed, didnt manage to see much as too many ppl plus needed to go back to work. FIR was not bad, they look really great singing live. ( will be continued on later date. in need of sleep...)

sample of Scratchit! card from Singapore pools, No, i didnt win anything, this means $2 down the drain, i'm always wasting $ on such stuff, kns. the situation did improve a little now, i used to be more frequent in my betting, but really cut down a lot already. REALLY...

my trusty student discount card, help me save quite an amt of $$ liao, i predict that it's gonna be with me for a long long time.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

People will always mistake me for...

No 1:
(drumroll please........)

some 18 yr old kid, unbelievable? but it's true, i dunno y, i look young? really young? haha, it's not the 1st time that people comment that i look like some fresh poly kid. i was having my dinner the other day with two frens whom i met while working, i kept on complaining how old i felt, (i think they caught the hint)when they decided to ask me for my age? then they seem rather shocked(a little bit lar) that i was actually 22 liao. (like very sad like that leh, 22 already, still kenna looked upon like smal kid.)

i can re-call many instances where i always kenna mistaken as some small kid or some 18 year old kid. like 2 years back when i was still serving the nation(it's not as if i like to serve the nation, its LL muz serve), then if i remember correctly there was a time when i was wearing my No.4(guys will know this, but to the ppl who are unfamiliar with it, it's just THAT green camouflage uniform that u always see ppl wear one) to buy a meal at mac, then the auntie serving me thought that i was some NCC kid and gave me a student meal pass, i was like hello, auntie i long time left secondary sch already, but then since ppl give me i juz take lor, and yes, it's still inside my wallet(and yes i'm still using it, but now i'm offcially a student but it does not matter anyway, the matric card would work juz fine), next-time got chance i take pic n post it up.(if i remember,=p)

then sometimes go help my father buy 4D also will kenna, the auntie at the counter will ask:
"eh xiao di di(little boy), ni jin nian ji shiu ah(u this yr how old ah?)
ke yi rang wo kan ni de IC mah?(can let me see your IC pls?)"

and everytime when i hear the auntie say this, i will show a sian half face then a bit the reluctantly take out my IC to show them, it's like i 've been like a regular at singapore pools for so many years already still wanna check my identity meh? sian...

the best and most used benefit of looking young: get student discount.. haha, really leh, students are the best lor, go so many places also got discount. like this particular bubble tea shop near my place, (i shall not disclose the name of the shop as i still need them to believe that i'm a temasek poly student) the shop thru some arrangement with the student union of temasek poly will give a 10% discount off their bubble tea to the student from tp. then most of the time i will try to wave my red-coloured student pass at them. then the auntie will usually juz give me that discount without even taking a 2nd look at my pass.(the colours of the student bus pass for poly n uni students are the same, the red colour that one lor, but then the NUS one got the NUS logo on top, so everytime i juz have to cover the top n show them my pass) then the best situation is when sometimes i lazy to take out my pass(or liang xin guo yi bu qu[meaning kenna pricked by conscience], bluff them for so many time already so sometimes muz pay full price mah), 10%off a cup of bubble tea costing $1 or $1++ is not that much mah, then the auntie at the shop will juz ask me if i'm a student and give me the discount.(technically i'm not lying, i'm a student also mah, of NUS not tp, haha..)

yes, i'm evil.. welcome to the Dark side.. haha...
stay tuned for part two: where i will reveal what's the next most common thing that i get mistaken as...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

growl... i'm a lazy dog, dun disturb me from my rest...

saw this large dog the other day, he really looks like a teddy bear with his size and fur lor

Sunday, June 05, 2005

dun worry, it's not another stories from mrt

where got so many stories from mrt one? dun worry, have not taken the mrt for a couple of days so didn't hear anything so far.

been so bored that my life consists of watching vcd/anime to pass time, watched a couple of movies these past few days eg like meet the fockers, wet dreams(kor), escape from hongkong island(hk movie) and just this afternoon, ocean's twelve.

movie/vcd review: the best movie watched so far is meet the fockers, it's the follow-up to the movie meet the parents where, ben stiller plays gaylord focker, who has to meet up with his future parents-in-law. the sequal is not as funny as the original but it still does provide a few laughs. this time we are introduced to the focker family, gaylords' parents. i dun wish to spoil the movie for all those who havn't watched it yet, but i'll try my best to tell u more without giving too much away. there's gaylord's mum, who's a sex therapist, gaylord's dad, who's un-employed and loves practising brazilian martial arts. watch out for the focker dog, who seems to be overly active in some ways. there's also the baby who seems to be more clever than he actually looks. overall its a nice movie, n watch out for the extra scene in the ending credits.

wet dreams: it's a kor movie about 4 kids going through puberty and their curiosity abt the opposite sex. eg:going through porn magazines, trying to pick-up gals, peeping at people making out. it's not an exceptional movie but just a so-so movie, it's funny at times but not to the extent that u i'll really like the movie so much.

escape from hong kong island: it's a dumb movie, slightly even lower than the so-so standard. it stars jordan chan who plays a high-flying exceutive and his difficulty in crossing the sea to kowloon from the hongkong island. the trip is usually an easy one but he learns about lessons in life after his wallet is stolen and the difficulties he faces to cross the sea.

oceans twelve: it's a waste of time movie. ocean's eleven was slick and cool, but the sequel is just crap, the idea is rather fresh at first but u cant expect the same formula to work everytime. the full cast is back but the stage changes to europe this time round, where they will attempt some more thefts. even thought i understood what was the twist at the end of the story, i juz fell really cheated by the movie as i expected a lot better, there seems to be too much talk this time round and less of the slick action seen in oceans eleven.

all vcd are available for rental from me, u juz need to come look for me.

Friday, June 03, 2005

more un-expected stories from the mrt

i dunno why, but i seem to hear a lot of strange things, when i take the mrt recently,

disclaimer:i was not eavesdropping on other people's conversation, it was they who spoke VERY loudly as if they wanted the whole train to know.

just a few hours ago, as i was making my way back from taka(my one-day work place), i came across a couple of teenagers who were discussing their work onboard a rather crowded mrt train, i presume that they were working part-time at mac, as i heard them saying abt fries n happy meals, i dunno of any other fast-food in spore other than mac that has happy meals.
and so the story as heard is somehow like this:

teenager A: u know ah, when i was working today at the counter, there was this guy ah, he ordered a large fries and wanted 10 pkts of chilli sauce to go with it. then afterwards he kept coming back to the counter to request more packets of chilli sauce every few mins. then afterwards hor, when i go clear the table n count the no of empty packets, i counted 32 pkts of empty chilli sauce leh, wah lau a, where got people eat one large packets of fries with 32 pkts of chilli sauce one?

teenager B: oh that one ah, i remember that guy, i saw him pour a lot of chilli sauce on his tray, then everytime he take one single stick of fries and "go" thru the whole chilli sauce, then today also got another group strange strange one, they kept coming to the counter to ask for more curry n chilli sauce lah, then they always send different ppl come n ask for the sauces, i kay-poh mah, then go c wat they doing, then i saw them drinking the sauces, wah lau ah, seow seow one ah, these ppl.

more disclaimer: the above conversation was not totally the same(word for word) as what i heard, but the gist of it is roughly the same, i dun have such an amazing ability to remember every single word that people say, the singlish part is to just to give it more local flavour.( i can write wat-ever i wan here, but it's still up to u(the reader) on whether u believe it or not mah.)

more 2 cents worth: this reminds me of an incident i came across in some nearby mac, i was happily eating my mac breakfast there, when i came across a rather plump kid, i think he ordered hotcakes then the amazing thing happened b4 my eyes, the small kid started to open the packet of maple syrup and drink it like it was plain water. i was a little shocked to see these. imagine a small kid no bigger than 12 drinking syrup like water, no wonder he's plump but the pt is dun his parents care meh? wah lau a, imagine the size of the kid when he grows up if he continues to do this. and the problems of obesity that he may face. tsk tsk...

morale of story: fries are already unhealthy, so cut back on the sauces that u eat with them. =p

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the funny people you meet on the mrt

was taking the mrt today when i came across a srange sight, saw two male teenagers dicussing something among themselves, one was proclaiming how naked he feels without his eye-brows, then the other told him not to touch his eyebrows so he wont feel that way.

since when guys also pluck eyebrows one? i know there's all this talk of metrosexual males but plucking eyebrows, they do look really weird with just drawn eyebrows, (imho)