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Monday, June 27, 2005

lady luck's my best pal(for the moment)

been having a spell of rather great luck over the weekend. started with the Tombola thingy(refer to earlier post), followed by a long awaited mahjong win.

lady luck was still shining on me when i went for this small bowling competition organised by the jalan besar cdc on sunday, it was held at the civil service club. managed to persuade my dad to lend me his car to drive there(yeah, finally can drive alone), saves me a lot of hassle from taking public transport, imagine lugging a 2 ball bowling bag(with 2 11lbs ball inside) up and down the bus, thats enuf to kill a lot of ppl.

it was the kinda of small competition where there's not much (gao shou) bowling experts around, so easier to win prizes that kind. it was a team event and we(team from nus) took part in it, along with another team from ntu( we are allies), at first we were very confident of getting a top 1-2 finish. but then we were back-stabbed by some uncle n auntie team n finished off by a handicap rule which gave a female bowler 15 pins for every game played. thats a massive 45 pins for the whole 3-game series thingy. we were leading after the 1st game but lost the lead by 8 pins after the 2nd game, it was all over when the whole thing finished. it's a very sad thing to be beaten by uncles and aunties at least twice your age. and so this "expected" top 1-2 finish was reduced to a 2nd-3rd place consolation.

the reason i said i had great luck was the way i played, there was this crazy game where i had 9 strikes in a game, thats crazy n madness lor.
sample of game score: X X X X 9- X X X 8- XX9
30 60 89 108 117 147 175 193 201 230
never managed to play so well in a long time already, playing well depends on a lot of factors leh, and luck is also part of it. that was really lucky, open 2 frames still can get 230. but the most crazy thing was that i had a 229 game before that, so my 2 game total was 459, thats like some 230 average thingy, am i really that gd? no lah, these are the kind of scores the national bowlers would easily post, i'm just a small fry in this big ocean. then suddenly the law of average kicked in on my last game(after 2 highs comes 1 low game score). in the end still managed to post a respectable 617 total pinfall for 3 games but it was all thx to my 1st 2 games.

went for another mahjong session after the competition,(thx lady luck) won a little $, then went to the airport to welcome my fren Damon back, long time never c him already, he went US for 1 yr on some DSTA scholarship, then since i didnt see him off when i left, i felt bad and so went to welcome him when he come back lor.(will post pix when i figure out the flickr thingy)


  • haha..u can't spare for nuts.... you jus wasted like 20pins like dat...hahahah....

    By Blogger Ra, at 7:14 PM  

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