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Sunday, June 19, 2005

working days are the most eventful part2

Finally had time to sit down to key in a proper entry into my blog, plus finish up the half-typed in entry.

working days are really eventful, as i was saying. after finishing watching the Star Wars costume design contest, it was back to the mundane job that i was supposed to do. Sales are slow, sales dont matter to me, i'm not paid a commission. the very interesting thing abt working that day was the fact that i got caught by security. argh....
nope, i didnt steal anything, i was juz exploiting a security loophole.

i'm not the actual promotor for this series of kids clothes, my grouchy neighbour (derrick) is , i juz take over him for a couple of days when he tells me he needs to rest, and this particular sat i was not even planning to work, but only decided to stand in for him as nothing better to do. the promotors at taka are issued a small card that states so n so(name) is assigned to work in taka as a promotor from a certain date to a certain date(eg:10/06/05-14/06/05) and since i'm not a "official" promotor, the only security pass i have belongs to derrick, but his boss knows about it, n he's(the boss) too lazy to do anything cause it's a 1-2-day thingy.
i had a rather late dinner, fin dinner(icluding slacking time) at 8pm, so left around 1hr b4 i can knockoff. i spent the earlier half of this last hr chatting with other promotors, its something we always do one. then at around 8.30pm, i went back to my assigned area and stated to rearragne the clothes, ppl always got itchy hands one even if they dun buy anything also muz mess it up a little, for the clothes i mean.
thats when i saw a fren of mine in a nearby asle,i was about to look my fren up, i got stopped by this particular security guard, with nothing better to do, as i was new to the taka toy fair, the security guard asked me for my security pass and my IC, thats when i got caught, (no way to deny cause name on pass and name on IC dun match mah) he(the guard) then pulled me to a side and "demanded" i hand over my security pass and promotor tag to him, then he brought me to their security office to explain the situation to his superiors.
but luckily it was no big deal as all they wanted was derrick to go over and collect the promotor tag from them and they'll settle the rest with my boss, i called my boss but he didnt really care much as the next day was the last day liao. heng ah. for a moment i did thought that i was going to be in some trouble.


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