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Saturday, June 11, 2005

People will always mistake me for...

No 1:
(drumroll please........)

some 18 yr old kid, unbelievable? but it's true, i dunno y, i look young? really young? haha, it's not the 1st time that people comment that i look like some fresh poly kid. i was having my dinner the other day with two frens whom i met while working, i kept on complaining how old i felt, (i think they caught the hint)when they decided to ask me for my age? then they seem rather shocked(a little bit lar) that i was actually 22 liao. (like very sad like that leh, 22 already, still kenna looked upon like smal kid.)

i can re-call many instances where i always kenna mistaken as some small kid or some 18 year old kid. like 2 years back when i was still serving the nation(it's not as if i like to serve the nation, its LL muz serve), then if i remember correctly there was a time when i was wearing my No.4(guys will know this, but to the ppl who are unfamiliar with it, it's just THAT green camouflage uniform that u always see ppl wear one) to buy a meal at mac, then the auntie serving me thought that i was some NCC kid and gave me a student meal pass, i was like hello, auntie i long time left secondary sch already, but then since ppl give me i juz take lor, and yes, it's still inside my wallet(and yes i'm still using it, but now i'm offcially a student but it does not matter anyway, the matric card would work juz fine), next-time got chance i take pic n post it up.(if i remember,=p)

then sometimes go help my father buy 4D also will kenna, the auntie at the counter will ask:
"eh xiao di di(little boy), ni jin nian ji shiu ah(u this yr how old ah?)
ke yi rang wo kan ni de IC mah?(can let me see your IC pls?)"

and everytime when i hear the auntie say this, i will show a sian half face then a bit the reluctantly take out my IC to show them, it's like i 've been like a regular at singapore pools for so many years already still wanna check my identity meh? sian...

the best and most used benefit of looking young: get student discount.. haha, really leh, students are the best lor, go so many places also got discount. like this particular bubble tea shop near my place, (i shall not disclose the name of the shop as i still need them to believe that i'm a temasek poly student) the shop thru some arrangement with the student union of temasek poly will give a 10% discount off their bubble tea to the student from tp. then most of the time i will try to wave my red-coloured student pass at them. then the auntie will usually juz give me that discount without even taking a 2nd look at my pass.(the colours of the student bus pass for poly n uni students are the same, the red colour that one lor, but then the NUS one got the NUS logo on top, so everytime i juz have to cover the top n show them my pass) then the best situation is when sometimes i lazy to take out my pass(or liang xin guo yi bu qu[meaning kenna pricked by conscience], bluff them for so many time already so sometimes muz pay full price mah), 10%off a cup of bubble tea costing $1 or $1++ is not that much mah, then the auntie at the shop will juz ask me if i'm a student and give me the discount.(technically i'm not lying, i'm a student also mah, of NUS not tp, haha..)

yes, i'm evil.. welcome to the Dark side.. haha...
stay tuned for part two: where i will reveal what's the next most common thing that i get mistaken as...


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