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Friday, June 03, 2005

more un-expected stories from the mrt

i dunno why, but i seem to hear a lot of strange things, when i take the mrt recently,

disclaimer:i was not eavesdropping on other people's conversation, it was they who spoke VERY loudly as if they wanted the whole train to know.

just a few hours ago, as i was making my way back from taka(my one-day work place), i came across a couple of teenagers who were discussing their work onboard a rather crowded mrt train, i presume that they were working part-time at mac, as i heard them saying abt fries n happy meals, i dunno of any other fast-food in spore other than mac that has happy meals.
and so the story as heard is somehow like this:

teenager A: u know ah, when i was working today at the counter, there was this guy ah, he ordered a large fries and wanted 10 pkts of chilli sauce to go with it. then afterwards he kept coming back to the counter to request more packets of chilli sauce every few mins. then afterwards hor, when i go clear the table n count the no of empty packets, i counted 32 pkts of empty chilli sauce leh, wah lau a, where got people eat one large packets of fries with 32 pkts of chilli sauce one?

teenager B: oh that one ah, i remember that guy, i saw him pour a lot of chilli sauce on his tray, then everytime he take one single stick of fries and "go" thru the whole chilli sauce, then today also got another group strange strange one, they kept coming to the counter to ask for more curry n chilli sauce lah, then they always send different ppl come n ask for the sauces, i kay-poh mah, then go c wat they doing, then i saw them drinking the sauces, wah lau ah, seow seow one ah, these ppl.

more disclaimer: the above conversation was not totally the same(word for word) as what i heard, but the gist of it is roughly the same, i dun have such an amazing ability to remember every single word that people say, the singlish part is to just to give it more local flavour.( i can write wat-ever i wan here, but it's still up to u(the reader) on whether u believe it or not mah.)

more 2 cents worth: this reminds me of an incident i came across in some nearby mac, i was happily eating my mac breakfast there, when i came across a rather plump kid, i think he ordered hotcakes then the amazing thing happened b4 my eyes, the small kid started to open the packet of maple syrup and drink it like it was plain water. i was a little shocked to see these. imagine a small kid no bigger than 12 drinking syrup like water, no wonder he's plump but the pt is dun his parents care meh? wah lau a, imagine the size of the kid when he grows up if he continues to do this. and the problems of obesity that he may face. tsk tsk...

morale of story: fries are already unhealthy, so cut back on the sauces that u eat with them. =p


  • hahahahha! so its not only me who hear interesting stuff and write bout stuff i heard in trains.. =]

    By Blogger damon, at 6:40 AM  

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