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Sunday, June 05, 2005

dun worry, it's not another stories from mrt

where got so many stories from mrt one? dun worry, have not taken the mrt for a couple of days so didn't hear anything so far.

been so bored that my life consists of watching vcd/anime to pass time, watched a couple of movies these past few days eg like meet the fockers, wet dreams(kor), escape from hongkong island(hk movie) and just this afternoon, ocean's twelve.

movie/vcd review: the best movie watched so far is meet the fockers, it's the follow-up to the movie meet the parents where, ben stiller plays gaylord focker, who has to meet up with his future parents-in-law. the sequal is not as funny as the original but it still does provide a few laughs. this time we are introduced to the focker family, gaylords' parents. i dun wish to spoil the movie for all those who havn't watched it yet, but i'll try my best to tell u more without giving too much away. there's gaylord's mum, who's a sex therapist, gaylord's dad, who's un-employed and loves practising brazilian martial arts. watch out for the focker dog, who seems to be overly active in some ways. there's also the baby who seems to be more clever than he actually looks. overall its a nice movie, n watch out for the extra scene in the ending credits.

wet dreams: it's a kor movie about 4 kids going through puberty and their curiosity abt the opposite sex. eg:going through porn magazines, trying to pick-up gals, peeping at people making out. it's not an exceptional movie but just a so-so movie, it's funny at times but not to the extent that u i'll really like the movie so much.

escape from hong kong island: it's a dumb movie, slightly even lower than the so-so standard. it stars jordan chan who plays a high-flying exceutive and his difficulty in crossing the sea to kowloon from the hongkong island. the trip is usually an easy one but he learns about lessons in life after his wallet is stolen and the difficulties he faces to cross the sea.

oceans twelve: it's a waste of time movie. ocean's eleven was slick and cool, but the sequel is just crap, the idea is rather fresh at first but u cant expect the same formula to work everytime. the full cast is back but the stage changes to europe this time round, where they will attempt some more thefts. even thought i understood what was the twist at the end of the story, i juz fell really cheated by the movie as i expected a lot better, there seems to be too much talk this time round and less of the slick action seen in oceans eleven.

all vcd are available for rental from me, u juz need to come look for me.


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