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Monday, June 13, 2005

working days are the most eventful days

normal days are days which i got nothing to do, wake up with no purpose at all, wake up at 12 or even later, then start to think wat to do for the rest of the day.

working days are different, even though is do nothing most of the time, but you're paid to do nothing, ah.. thats the difference.
i'm wanted to clock in this entry on sat, but ended up sleeping instead, so today then write lor.

sat=eventful day(more eventful than normal sat, dunno y leh)

woke up rather early(9am is considered early by my standards) unwillingly by my dad, as he wans me to help him drive his car to his work site, which is located somewhere along the ECP near the east coast park, it's a not that difficult to find place but you'll really miss it when u drive too fast, cause the entrance to the work site is just a road cut off from the road shoulder along the ECP, it's not even a proper exit from the expressway.
then as he needs to be inside the worksite for an hr plus, so he told me to go jalan jalan myself, i did manage to find a path to the bicycle track of the east coast park, as i thought that the coffeebean or mac was only a few minutes walk away, i decided to make my way there to take a break n a bite at the same time. but i was greatly mistaken, i kept walking n walking towards the direction where i thought the mac would be, but after walking for more than 20 mins or so, all i could find was one pathetic toilet and a carpark where some vendor was selling ice cream and drinks. i could not even catch a glimpse of big splash even. so LL lor, bought a drink from the vendor then started making my way back to the worksite to meet up with my dad.
i finally reached home at around 1 pm, tired, sweaty. then the bo liao-ness inside me kicked in, then started to slack, do nothing but hide inside my air-conditioned room. but heng ah, my fren der called me to stand in for him as he was not feeling well, as i had nothing to do, might as well go down and do "nothing" also but get paid instead.

job: promoter at taka toy fair
job description: promote batman kid clothes to parents.
"actual" job description: walk around and chat with other promoters, watch re-run after re-run of cartoons such as tom n jerry and looney tunes.

i thought it was gonna be another boring working day where i had to watch cartoons to pass time, but then luckily they had some Star Wars constume contest. and since they put up such a show, might as well watch mah, anything is also better than watching the same cartoons over n over again. I muz say that some of the costumes were really well-designed like the Darth Vadar guy, he even had flashing diodes attached to his front, he did go on to eventually win but there were some whom really made me laugh, there was a lady who wanted to dress as an Ewok, so she made a snowy white costume complete with a cape. she didnt make the effort to put on make up, or a mask so it was really very hard to imagine her as an Ewok. then as she was trying to pose for some pictures, she made a "trying to act cute but cannot act cute" pose. which left jason(fren met while working as promoter) n me the wan to laugh but cannot laugh expression. haiz...

933 had some concert at civic plaza which made the whole place all so bloody packed, didnt manage to see much as too many ppl plus needed to go back to work. FIR was not bad, they look really great singing live. ( will be continued on later date. in need of sleep...)


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