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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i always get mistaken as...(part 2)

Ernie, my "twin" brother.

this sorta started way back during my jc days, when there so happened to be a guy named Ernie whose in my fren's class, then someone pointed out that we really look alike, i dunno who, but somehow it spread and i have a "twin" brother out of nowhere.
personally, i dun think that we really look alike, but somehow my frens say we really do.

the most recent case of mistaken identity:
location: science canteen
time: before the start of my linear algebra 2 exam

was happily sitting down with a couple of my frens, doing some last min revision before the exam, when i noticed a couple of gals on the next table with an old secondary sch fren, i know that these gals were from my jc, but i dun know them personally(got so many ppl in one jc, how can u know every single one of them, there are still ppl whom i meet in uni, they tell me that they were from my jc, but i dun remember even seeing them, then in the end, look up year book then check, oh that one ah)

then one of the gals asked me:"excuse me, are you Ernie?"
my reply:"nope, but i know who he is"
gal:"then so sorry"

it's like so long never hear ppl mention Ernie to me already, then suddenly got gal ask me this, (hmmm, i wonder if she's trying to pick me up? haha, no lah, but i seriously do think that she really mistake me for Ernie.) cause last time in jc got a few instances like that already, then after that go army, i dun recall any instances during army of Ernie. it's only that one time in the science canteen.

To Ernie: hey, "twin" brother where have you been? last i heard from the others after you left tjc in the 1st 3 mths, u went tpjc, then after that u went ntu, hope to hear from you if got chance.
time for "family" gathering already...


  • no lar. ernie stayed in my class the whole of TJC leh. hahaha. the girl must be trying desperately to pick you up lar. heh . anyways, i'll be back in s;pore in less than 5 days time.

    By Blogger damon, at 7:34 AM  

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