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Thursday, April 27, 2006

ppl whom u dun wanna meet during exams

  1. the super-confident student

will most probably be the one who bugs the lecturer the most. can be seen always during lecture breaks or after lecture pestering the lecturer. just when u just finish half or a quarter of the paper, u look at the clock, it's just after an hour, then the guy besides you raises his hand, the lecturer walks over to the guy's table, and collects his exam paper. the guy then walks out of the examination hall with a smile on his face.

2. the no-personal hygiene student

could be the one who camps in the reading room 24/7, armed with his toothbrush in a cup together with his stationary. u start to wonder how many days this guy has been living inside the study room. he only goes out of the study area for exams, but when he walks past u, u feel an negative aura before the stench hits u. u realise that the guy stinks cause he has been wearing the same attire for dunno how many days. just when u thought things could not be worse, he happens to take the seat beside u in the examination hall.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


it should be a good thing, with the way i'm getting myself hydrated.
i've got a green water bottle 750 ml,
n i'm juz gulping water like nobody's biz
i've lost count of the no of times i've re-filled my bottle already.
n the no of times i've been to the toilet.

the good: supposed to help me hydrate myself n keep the flu bug in check
the bad: feel so bloated at times, esp with the amt of water i drink.

another note:
slacker cleaners- there is this new cleaner who slacks off when he's cleaning our toilet, i last saw him cleaning the toilet at 11am, then at 12 he went to take a nap in our pantry(no less), then now he's back cleaning.
upside: he cleans the toilet cleaner than the old cleaner
downside: go find another place to slack! not on my level pls!

Monday, April 24, 2006

2 down 3 more to go

i juz hope that a lot of ppl cant answer the qns, juz like me for today.
it's really terrible to be sick n having exams at the same time, u can be in the midst of like writing some impt formula or process of some crucial working then..

cough, cough, ah-choo ah-choo...

eh, wat was i supposed to write juz now ah?

no, i'm not getting better, i'm still coughing n worse than ever some more...
so went yih to see doc again,
n now i have a whole pile of medicine to take:

1 tablet vitamin C
1 capsule antiboitic
1 bromhexine tablet- supposed to get rid of pleghm
1 chlorpheniramine tablet- flu tablets
2 paracetemol tablets-headache
1 damn powderful green coloured lozenge
n 10 ml of cough syrup

so i'm like one tablet after another...

someone mistook me for an exam invigilator
happened on sat
needed to go to toilet during exam as drank too much water
came back
was walking down a particular row back to my seat
when some guy raised his hand, looked at me n prompted me to give him paper
i had to wave him away:
with a look that says
" no, i'm not an exam invigilator lah..."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

1 down, 4 more to go

less than 11 hrs b4 next paper,
next up: Ma3111 complex analysis

released many hrs later after my history exam, that i spelt "mandarin" wrongly, i wrote as "mandrin" and somemore is not once but at least several times, haiz...
how did i find out?
saw an advertisement outside the bus "Mandarin hotel chatterbox chicken rice"

who wans to sponser me to go try the $101 burger?
haha, saw a lot of news on it recently, dun think i ever have the chance to try it,
  1. strike lottery(big time)
  2. somebody pays for me

heard some commotion in the room above me, walked out to the corridor to find out/hear more clearly, realised it was a lover's tiff, gal was screaming+crying+hysterical, guy was too soft-spoken, couldn't hear wat the guy said, could only hear some parts from the gal, the most notable:" GET OUT!!!... (sob....) GET OUT!!!" in caps cause she was really shouting. i think it's really bad to have a tiff at this time esp in the middle of exams. but i'm only a spectator, i might not know wat really goes on.

haiz, si bei poor thing.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

missing post

i dunno where my last entry went, i clicked on the publish post thingy, but i still dun see it, nvm.

some ppl ask y wont i stay in pgp during the hols,
the onli answer that i can give is y dun U come u stay for yourself n experience the pgp way of life before u start to comment?

some things to note:
ppl hu have no civic mindedness, aka ppl who leave their dirty dishes, pots, cups n dunno wat else beside the wash basin for at least 2 days(n counting..)

imagine waking up one morning to find a pile of uncovered rubbish at the rubbish bin.

there are more, i juz cant think of it at the moment.

i'm gonna vote, haha, 1st time voter here, may 6th.
date is EXACTLY 5 days after govt gives out their "progress package"
hidden meaning?? haha...
n the date is exactly after the nus exams, hmm, which means we'll miss out on the campagning n such, hmm..., are there more HIDDEN meaning??
i'm not saying that i'm a big fan of the govt or any particular opposition party but would feel it's fairer to give people(nus students in this case) to attend the election rallies to hear what the opposition n the pap have to say.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

things that you only see when exams are coming...


a guy n guy sitting on the road side kerb of a carpark exit.(near science bus-stop)
sigh, people should have more common sense than to sit on a road kerb with cars moving in and out. ok, it may be late and there may not be much vehicles but why create trouble for yourself n the car drivers. haiz...

guy lying flat on stomach down on a study desk inside a pgp study room.
god knows wat this guy was doing, spotted this on the way back. the study rooms at pgp have a small window at the door that allows people outside to see if the room is occupied. n while walking towards the lift, i saw a guy lying on the table. and on one side is his fren studying.
wat are they doing? or wat is he trying to do?

2 gals n a guy sitting at a staircase n peeping at the graduate stdent block.
was on my way to collect my laundry when i saw them sitting on a staircase, looking up at the grad student block, this is all i heard" look, .... he's... underwear..."
i leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

Friday, April 14, 2006

someone told my fren to "suck cock"

actual situation:
fren ordered maggi goreng from Indian stall
Indian guy served food
asked my fren for "san kor" in hokkien or $3 aka three dollars
but his pronouncation was not that good
n so my fren heard "suck cock"
n my fren(in shock) went "huh?"
the rest of us juz could not stop laughing...

spent a lot of money on bowling today,
$30 for games cause league
$3.50 for hor fun
$1.50 drink
supper: $2.40 for prata n $1 for drink
thats close to $40 n not counting the $ i spent in sch on food, die lah, i'm such a spendthrift.

yikes, supper is sinful, prata is the worst.
at least 2 ppl told me that i put on weight already, yikes...
i can feel it myself also, but i also dunno y like suddenly put on weight when i'm actually either eating the same amount of food as last sem, i think i did eat more last sem, it was even worse 2 sems back, almost everyday supper, makes no sense to suddenly put on weight.
hmmm, wats wrong...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

do NOT ever attempt to install this program

WinAVI mp4 converter

i got it from cnet, some freeware thingy, installed it, but now cant get it off my computer, asked the more tech pro guys at the computer centre to remove it, but even they cant solve it.


now, i cant visit certain websites(no, not surfing porn but some bowling forum)
cant unzip my zip files
system hangs at times
esp when attempting to dl stuff

it's not a spyware or anything, it's juz a stupid corrupted file, damn...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

11 more days to exams(10 days n 20 mins actually..)

ok, official counter to exams up.

u never knew the exams are so close to you til u actually start to count down and look at the calender.

still in the midst of arranging my notes, yikes...

lousy rules, lousy admin assistant at Sheares,

went down to SH to get a room for holiday stay as renovation works going to happen at home for the month of may.
asked the lady at the counter if i could apply for holiday accomodation
told me some rubbish reason abt only allowing current residents to stay n they hosting a lot of confenrence groups and dunno what,
explained to her that i stayed there before,
she insisted on her stand.
didnt want to speak with her anymore.
asked a fren to help me apply instead.
n it was done in a matter of minutes.

hmph, u cant keep me away.
i'll get wat i wan, by hook or by crook...

i still feel the new Miss S'pore is damn ugly, haiz, dunno how they choose one, the runner up is prettier than the champion. lousy judges, the results must be rigged.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

tv junkie at wrong time

if anyone really needs to know, ive spent the last 3 nights watching tv,
be it tvb drama on tv or some mindless channel surfing.

from thurs:
45 mins of CSI(which i actually dl n watched b4)
45 mins of tvb drama
30 mins of soccer highlights

from fri:
1.5 hrs of soccer programs, aka preview shows, highlights from the matches the day b4
0.5 hr of national security(some movie)
45 mins of tvb drama
20 mins of naruto

from sat:
50mins of bleach
1 hr of channel surfing, mindless channel surfing, watching wat-ever's nice, be it dumb variety shows from taiwan or golf highlights, or the nba match up between lakers n suns,
steve nash is good, very good, ok, make that exceptional, his passing was pin pt, lakers look like a 1 man show, kobe scores high averages but he also shoots a lot n misses quite a no,
make that 2.5 hrs instead.
2 hrs of soccer "live"
just now earlier- 1.5hrs of drama

sigh sigh....
imagine if i had spend that time on revising my work instead, brought back a file to work on it, but the most i ever did was to work on a page.

i've been like this ever since i got back my analysis test result, i did better than expected, i was like worried this would end up like the probability nightmare i got 2 sems ago, which would affect my 3yr n so on. the marking was super lenient, there was no way i could have been in the 20-30 range without the lenient marking, this was a killer mod, and the only mod which i worry day n night over abt, to make things worse, i didnt understand anything, but luckily the mod's so hard, most ppl dun understand that much too. i didnt exactly pass my test but i'm juz glad that there were around 54% of the class who got the same grade as me.
update: there were 20% of the class who got below my range, n 30% of the class above so that makes me the middle 50% not the top 50%

i ended up relaxing n watching tv after i got back my test result on thurs,
n i've been a tv junkie ever since, sigh...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

exams are coming...

n i dun feel a thing(yet)

watched this damn interesting show over the wk end.
some taiwanese variety show with jacky wu as the host.
they featured 3 show girls(girls who always feature at expos n such?)
n 3 of their local baseball team players.
plus one middle-aged guy.(to add on the entertainment value, i think)

They got the girls to comment on they guys first, whie the guys had earmuffs on
n the gals were like:

"the 1st guy is too tall, very difficult to imagine being together with him, very stressful"
"the second guy looks like a small di di, n he's got the potential to be a pervert"
"the third guy looks like the thing from the fantastic four"
"the last guy is an uncle"

i think this is partly true, with the ways gals comment true(i cant be sure as not gal myself.)

The same goes for the guys, gals had earmuffs on, n the gals turn's to be commented:

"the 1st gal has no figure(ie, too small breasts) , should should not wear such a low cut attire"
"the second gal has hair like a cockroach"
"the last gal hair is very ugly"

i must say the way guys look at gals is very standard.
face, figure, hair...

final term test

the ONLY & BIGGEST advantage of a final term test is that it replaces the exam.

sample qns:

"how many bones are there in your body?"

"how many times do u breath in a lifetime?"

"how many departments is your brain divided into?"

"Abalone shells are made up of ....?"

these look more like general qns of knowledge or those that u wanna find out when u look up an encyclopedia...

some of the information is given in the lecture notes while some are supplide via the videos screened in class.

these are dead factual qns, that by memorising these qns, u could easily ace the test.

who the hell will go and memorise such stupid facts??

Monday, April 03, 2006

2500 word essay

this is the 1st time i had to type so much for any mod, 2500 words...

decided on doing Chinese clan organizations initially....
got stuck...
decided on Chinese biz from past to present....
started on 1st page...
before venturing off topic to clan organizations...
went back to clan organizations in the end...
ideas started flowing....
n kept on typing n typing...
kept clicking on word count...
was satisifed to see the numbers of words slowly rise with each paragraph typed...

haiz, i'm juz glad i finished it on time...
(sometime in the early hours of monday and less than 8hrs from the DEAD-line)
i simply quickly got it printed, cant be bothered to review it n check it anymore...