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Friday, April 10, 2009

"KNOWING" aka Know too much

saw this movie the other day at Shaw Lido cos I attended their Gala premiere of this movie which was held on 2nd April. Won a total of 4 pairs of free movie tickets to watch this movie, plus a "knowing" poster. was initially rather interested to watch this, hoping that this movie would go down the line of National Treasure, but it's more definitely not.

What the story was all about (long story cut short):

piece of paper gets buried underground for 50yrs, main character finds paper with numbers written on it, numbers predict disasters that has happened before n going to happen, main character tries to save the world.

Movie Review(My 2 cents worth):

Overall, the story was all right, imagine finding a piece of paper that can predict the future, i would most definitely use it to get rich if possible, but then the story seems too far fetched after you find out who is behind all this, and the ending? haiz. it sucks, i'm like "how can this be? is there a mistake?" somehow while rooting for nicholas cage, u would hope that he can do something about the disasters that are about to happen. but i end up with a cheated n sour after taste. this is the kind of movie that u watch once n that's it, u dun wish to watch it again because all the excitement is all shown the first time.


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