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Monday, March 30, 2009

This seat is not for you!

was on the bus earlier today, then as any singaporean who has taken public transport before, should know the seat layout of our buses. There was this middle-aged auntie who was sitting in the outer seat, the one nearer to the middle asle, and the inside seat was vacant. She was having a nice nap on the bus, then there was another auntie who wanted to take the inside seat, so she woke up the 1st auntie to signal to her that she wanted the seat. The 1st auntie gave a super grumpy look as she relectantly shifted into the inner seat, to give way to the 2nd auntie. I swear she could be staring intensively at the 2nd auntie who woke her up from her nap.

What could be going on inside her mind:
"Wah lau, i was having such a wonderful dream, sleep until so shiok, then u come and disturb me! TSK! Let u seat lah, dun say i stingy hor" followed by grumble grumble...

ok, i'm maybe being too drama le. haha


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