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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Yeah! managed to catch a free preview of this movie before it was shown in the cinemas.
how u may ask?
simply by entering online contests, there's plenty of it out there, and most of the time they just need you to send an email to them with your particulars, while some contests just require u to register with them, then afterwards you can continue to keep entering their contests.
Movie review:
it was an overall okay movie, funny at times, but too predictable, u know , gal meets guy on the street, somehow the same guy will re-appear back in her life, and they fall in love, along the way there's competition, mis-understandings. I would say that this is a nice movie to bring your date out to enjoy a romantic comedy bah. Look out for the dance scene, it's hilarious. rated 3.25/5. decent enough to watch, dun think anyone will fall asleep, but then it wont become a timeless classic.
check out the youtube link for the trailer bah.


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