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Saturday, October 29, 2005

pictures from my parents trip to the states

i'm not the one who went on a holiday, it's my parents, they went to the states, n since they came back, i have to return the car...

sianz, there goes the freedom of staying on campus plus driving a car.

on another note, click on the flickr thingy on the sidebar for more pix. http://www.flickr.com/photos/53853296@N00/

my parents at Yosemite.

more of the Grand canyon.

The grand canyon.

Hoover dam, it's some famous dam in the states.

My parents at Hoover Dam.

Casino time!

cool racing car at some expo in Las Vegas

Aik.. traffic jam... notice the eiffel tower on the left, it's a replica created in Las Vega. pix from my parents trip to America

Saturday, October 22, 2005

everyone's an october baby

too many people born in october around me, haiz... but the most amazing thing is that there can be 2 people with the same dob inside the nus bowling team, the world's too damn small lah. i only know of one person who got same bdae as me, but dunno where he end up liao, lost contact. haha...

i dun look local meh?

eh there was this particular incident back in century square earlier, i dunno why but i always will kenna approach by prudential investment ppl onez. this is not the first time already, the credit card ppl usually dun even think of asking me anything. haha.

location: Century square outside coffee bean
event: some prudential investment booth

Lady A approaches me, asks me this qn:
"excuse me, are u local?"
my reply:
"eh.....(slight pause with look of disbelief)... yah....."
"u look local, but not that local"
(huh? local also got different level of local one meh?)

then she went on some ice-breaker level qns like where i from, student or watever, i thought she would want me to fill up some lousy survey, where i have to leave my particulars and then they would bombard me with asking u to sign up with their investment.savings plan or watever.
but luckily she got to the pt, n asked me if i was even interested in such stuff,

of course not, i'm so finanicially unstable. sigh...

she thanked me for my time and i went to the restroom.
came out and was able to walk out of the shopping mall when kenna approached by Lady B.
this time is even more desperate, i was like walking away, almost out of their target radius, my back was facing them, when she gave me slight nudge from behind and asked me the classic qn:

"are u local?"
"eh u got a bit dun look local, so juz wanna confrim"

then the usual qns, but this time she never ask me any critical qn on whether i was interested in their investment plans.

being asked twice on whether i'm local or not in less than 15 mins. thats new....

Friday, October 21, 2005

wake me up when october ends...

just when i thought i was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel from this horror october, ma 1104 lecturer tells us there gonna be another test next next monday, on the 31 oct, wtf? thats like 11 days later and the topics covered will include a YET TO BE TAUGHT chapter next week.

okay u may argue that it's not as if i'll make the effort to revise my work early, but then i thought that i could survive october in one piece, but then it seems as if everything's all so sudden, argh...

checklist of horror october:
ma2216 project due on friday 22-10-05 done
gek 2001 (my part of the project) due sunday 24-10-05 un-done
science of music essay due monday 25-10-05 un-done
gek2001 project due tuesday 26-10-05 un-done
ma1104 lab sheets due thursday 28-10-05 un-done
ma1104 test on monday 31-10-05 un-revised
ma2213 lab assignment 31-10-05 un-done

and so i'm going into hibernation.

wake me up when october ends....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

gettin older part 2...

yup, it seems that after my 21 shots, i was sober enough to remember quite a lot of stuff. i initially thought my frens wanted to drink more, and so i went n bought some drinks from the vending machine for them, but then it seemed that they got hungry again, argh...

it's my fault, never buy enuf food for them, so instead of returning to my room to dump my ice box, we went to visit a pgp type A room which belonged to one of my fren's fren. ah, the all exclusive type A rooms, $1800 per semester, each room comes with air-con and a personal toilet and bath cubicle. so u can literally camp inside n dun come out. and so we dumped my ice box inside the type A room.

we then made our way to Sheares hall to eat supper, while we were there, jason spied one certain gal from kent ridge who come over to eat supper also. she was with in a grp with 2 other gals. he kept telling us how he thinks she's very chio. we started discussing on whether to approach them or not, then wei leen went over to chat them up, he somehow managed to convince them to say happy bdae to me, haha, (yup, i still remember even though i was pretty drunk)

then someone suggested that we buy drinks for them, then we pooled our $ and bought 3 bottles of snapple for them, wei leen was the smooth operator, i think he did this kinda of stuff many times already, he could like chat them up juz like that n convince them to take our treat of snapple.

then after we finished our supper, we left and waited outside the hall, to see if they would pass by us, we ended up waiting at the biz libaray bus stop.

not long afterwards, we saw them coming down the slope, walking into kent ridge hall, placed our 3 bottles of snapple inside then come out again, they started walking up the biz slope to dunno where. and since they left already, then we returned to pgp lor.

haha, the bo liao things we do in school.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

aik... got older already... so fast....

wat happened on the day of the bbq?

i figured that i could pull it off with my combination of the bbq delivery n stuff i was gonna get from the supermarket.

and so i had to enlist the help of matt n travel to ginza with me to get the bbq stuff.
someone should have seen how i was shopping for the bbq stuff.

i bought like 60 chicken wings, 40 hot dogs n 30 crab stick and the rest i got them with the delievery.

then after leaving the chicken wings to de-frost, i had to leave for my numerical analysis lecture.

the time that i told my frens to come was 7.30pm, but i had to start preparing from 5.30 like that already.

slowly my guests started to arrive....

my 1st challenge: there was a fountain at pgp, my frens placed my present on top on some ledge on the fountain, and i had to cross the fountain to get my present.

actually my frens meant that as a joke, but by the time they told me that, i had already gotten all wet.

aiyah, it's a once a yr affair. so nvm lor.

my 2nd challenge: 22 shots of alcohol. i started with 14 shots of vodka, that wasn't so bad, cause there wasn't much vodka left, n vodka dun taste so bad. then they started pouring gin.
i puked on my 1st shot of gin. added water to the remainder of the 6 cups of gin. and downed them. the last cup was simply pepsi.

thats all for now... lazy to type already... haha =p
on another note, check out the pix of my bdae presents, they're on the sidebar, click the flickr thingy. thx gals n guys.

Friday, October 14, 2005

all tests for october down.. but then...

2 project deadlines

1 science of music essay

1 stack of Ma1104 lab report..

all due in the coming 2 weeks, well done....

but on another note, i have to thank my ma2213 lecturer, he cancelled the 1st part of our MATLAB assignment, woohoo... luckily i never start on it yet, haha... wat a waste of time to do and complete, but the lecturer say no need to hand in...

finally got time, to sit down and blog now, supposed to have MA1104 lab but it's not compulsory, so i kinda rather self-declare a 4 hr break from 12pm-4pm instead.

BBQ tonight, will i be able to pull it off?
i've only planned a bbq once, and it sorta ended in a disaster, kenna rain lah, n dunno wat else lah, i better put it all behind me.

i booked the bbq pit only on monday, and started drawing a list of stuff to buy and ppl to invite after my test on wed. started sending invitations out only on wed. initially a lot of cock-ups lah, since so late then inform ppl, so some ppl got other commitments else where. but i'm glad i at least kinda got a confrimed attendence of more than 20 ppl.

this initially started as a small drinking session among ex-sheares hall ppl, but then someone mentioned that it's cool to bbq and drink at the same time, then since i'm holding a bbq and i got like frens staying around in sch, it would be rather pai seh, if they know abt it, n ask me y never invite them, then later i realised that if i invited A i have to invite B also, so i ended up mass mailing n mass sms to all the ppl out in nus that i know.

y got bbq? cause i'm getting older.... haiz...

Friday, October 07, 2005

tests and more tests...

official count: 2 tests down 2 more to go

managed to endure through 1st week of october. 3 more lousy weeks to go. lousy october.
i got back my 1st test paper on thursday. ma1104

was pleasently surprised. didnt expect to do so well.
75% over 100%.

thats not the end of the story. the tutor gave back our test papers during our tutorial timeslot. then he had a lecture with us also immediately after the tutorial.

so after i got back my paper, i was rather happy for 5 mins or the time it takes to travel from the tutorial classroom to the lecture hall.

thats when all my morale went on a downhill ride. the lecturer showed us a bar graph representation of the test results.

there were 6 ppl who scored 100
12 who scored above 90
and 8 who scored above 80

the total class size is pretty small, abt 60 onli, so that means my 75% is an average grade, aka B
75% is B??? i dun believe it also...
haiz, wat is this world coming too....

went for prob tutorial, there was this guy who also attended the same ma1104 tutorial as me. i recognised him as he was up explaining some chim double integral qn that i cant do. he asked me these qns:" so how do u find ma1104?" i frankly told him thats it's a killer mod. then he said not really. sianz...

then the best part, he told me he's a year 1.
wat?? a year one? super demoralised...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1st test down, 3 more to go n many more datelines to meet...

i juz finished my MA1104 advanced calculus test yesterday, as it was an open-book test, i brought in a lot stuff: like the super big and thick Calculus textbook by steward, both sets of cousepack(notes), last sem's calculus textbook, this n last sem's tutorials.
when i first got the test paper, i was like going "huh???? why are all the test qns so different from tutorial qns? die lah"

then slowly calmed down and scanned throught the paper to look for qns to do.

the format was a new one, the 1st part got the qns and all u had to do, was to fill in your answers, no working is required to be shown(the bad part to this is that is you're careless, u won't get any marks as your working is not shown)

soon before i knew it, the test was over already, there were a few qns where i decided that it was pointless to try or even attempt. so i left them blank.

but at the end of the test, my fren told me that one of the qns i didnt know how to do was from last sem's tutorial, i was like going "wat??"

then i quickly flipped through the last sem's tutorials i got from my fren and there it was on the 1st page of tutorial one was the exact same qns , word for word, damn... i even went to print out that solution yesterday morning...

that qn was 10 marks , the test was 80 marks
the test was worth 15%
1/8 *15% is approx 2%

argh... i lost 2% like that, giuve away marks and i cant even score them.. sigh...
i juz hope i pass this test and the rest of those smart freaks dun score too well.

i did NOT get my hair cut on purpose, sigh...

this happened last sat, when i was on my way back to pgp, i decided to get my hair trimed cause the back was getting too long, so along the way decided to dropby and try this new shop over in bedok.

i sat down and was asked by the auntie how i wanted my hair cut, i told her it's trim the back n sides. then she proceded to cut my hair, initially all was fine, she started snipping here n there. i closed my eyes for a moment, and the next moment i knew, my long fringe was gone. the next scene was a scene of absolute horrow, she started to pull down my hair and measure and against the eyebrows and cut, aka like secondary sch style hair-cut, i was like going "OMG, wat have u done..."

i had to stop her before she carried on her carnage, i couldn't bear to watch her cut my hair any longer, and as a matter of fact, i NEVER go back to this dumb shop again... oh my heart aches for my hair, i didnt plan on cutting it til the army was going recall me next year.