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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i did NOT get my hair cut on purpose, sigh...

this happened last sat, when i was on my way back to pgp, i decided to get my hair trimed cause the back was getting too long, so along the way decided to dropby and try this new shop over in bedok.

i sat down and was asked by the auntie how i wanted my hair cut, i told her it's trim the back n sides. then she proceded to cut my hair, initially all was fine, she started snipping here n there. i closed my eyes for a moment, and the next moment i knew, my long fringe was gone. the next scene was a scene of absolute horrow, she started to pull down my hair and measure and against the eyebrows and cut, aka like secondary sch style hair-cut, i was like going "OMG, wat have u done..."

i had to stop her before she carried on her carnage, i couldn't bear to watch her cut my hair any longer, and as a matter of fact, i NEVER go back to this dumb shop again... oh my heart aches for my hair, i didnt plan on cutting it til the army was going recall me next year.


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