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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

an average day turns to below average juz like that

average day= decent day, no major events, aka shockers like the stupid medical bills from YIH doctors, no tests, no homework or tutorials to rush.

below average day= spoiled by some rude guy serving food.(today)

day kicks off with long journey to NUS to do maths project with yao hui. after a long n tiring search on the internet and around the library for infomation. we felt hungry and decided to grab a bite. i suggested the cafe at med fac, cause the other time i go, the "ahem... " scenery was really not bad ah...( u know wat i mean lah...) , had to do a lot of head streching exercise.

i ordered some set lunch thingy the other time that included a main course(chicken spagetti) ,desert(several cakes), and a coffee. all that costs $5. thats not very expensive, considering how much these stuff cost outside NUS.

so this time, i also wanted to order the set also. but then there was this particularly rude guy who served us this time round. he didnt know wat was the set lunch was and had to come out of the counter to look at the blackboard. then when i asked him how much the spagetti would cost without the set, he say he didnt know.

okay, nvm....

then he started to prepare the spagetti, and after he placed the spagetti on the plate, he spilled some spagetti on the salad bar, and juz when u thought he was gonna pick up the spagetti and serve it to us again. but luckily he dumped the spilled spagetti away and served us a new serving. ( i dun think he dares to serve us spilled esp when we were watching him)

then afterwards he started to add some tomatoes to our plates, but when he used the tongs to pick up a the tomato, he sorta like threw the tongs into the salad container with the tomatoes. wah liew....

thats not all, the fish that me n yao hui ordered was not properly cooked and tasted like some rock. so we went to change it to some chicken instead.


was planning to order a cake and slowly sit down there n chill out, but could not wait to leave the place after finishing the food. haiz, spoil my day onli..


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