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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1st test down, 3 more to go n many more datelines to meet...

i juz finished my MA1104 advanced calculus test yesterday, as it was an open-book test, i brought in a lot stuff: like the super big and thick Calculus textbook by steward, both sets of cousepack(notes), last sem's calculus textbook, this n last sem's tutorials.
when i first got the test paper, i was like going "huh???? why are all the test qns so different from tutorial qns? die lah"

then slowly calmed down and scanned throught the paper to look for qns to do.

the format was a new one, the 1st part got the qns and all u had to do, was to fill in your answers, no working is required to be shown(the bad part to this is that is you're careless, u won't get any marks as your working is not shown)

soon before i knew it, the test was over already, there were a few qns where i decided that it was pointless to try or even attempt. so i left them blank.

but at the end of the test, my fren told me that one of the qns i didnt know how to do was from last sem's tutorial, i was like going "wat??"

then i quickly flipped through the last sem's tutorials i got from my fren and there it was on the 1st page of tutorial one was the exact same qns , word for word, damn... i even went to print out that solution yesterday morning...

that qn was 10 marks , the test was 80 marks
the test was worth 15%
1/8 *15% is approx 2%

argh... i lost 2% like that, giuve away marks and i cant even score them.. sigh...
i juz hope i pass this test and the rest of those smart freaks dun score too well.


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